Wednesday, September 17, 2008


simply because of his lime green color!

That being said - this weekend in Phoenix I was hanging border dies up, and noticed that upside down the QK Grass Border looks just like Frankenstein's hair! 

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon (when I finally tracked down some wiggly eyes) and you have the cutest, easiest Halloween goodie bag I've ever glued together!

So with the new camera, the light settings that Justin figured out, and the over-the-shoulder camera angle that so many of you is "Franken-Bag"!

Supplies used:
Scor-Pal (which is marked for FREE SHIPPING this week!)
• green and black cardstock
• silver, green and black brads
• adhesive

Seriously - I am lovin' this Scor-Pal.  Why didn't I invent this?  So simple yet SO AWESOME! Not only did it save my life during my wedding invitation marathon last week - but it has been a great addition to my QK classes and made the whole "even-and-straight-fold-every-time" a very easy task.  LOVE IT!

** ETA - - - if you do order one, throw one of these into your shopping cart as well.  One Scor-Tool comes with your Scor-Pal but after doing demos with it all day long on Saturday I noticed that the end of my tool had developed it's own little groove and had flattened out a bit.  I'd say 300 scores and I was ready to replace mine.  Get one now and stash it away somewhere safe - so it'll be ready when you need it!

Try out the Franken-Box.  It's easy and CUTE! Makes an adorable bag out of any double-sided, cardstock weight paper you have laying around.

If you make something awesome - send me a picture and I'll post it here!  Our very own "bags on parade blog"!


- - - Susan

*** ETA - one more addition - got emails from people saying they want a picture of the final project.  As always - I'm here to oblige! Click on the image for a larger view.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am lovin these demos Susan! I thought I was safe from needing to buy every single border die with this one, but nope, I need this one too!!!!!
-Crafty Deb

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! This also filmed very well and love the wording 'on top'. You just do a great job w/ all the steps of the project. I love this bag idea too. Think I will hijack it for some card sets I want to make for a harvest bazaar--perfect presentation. LoveLoveLove me some Scrap-mart videos. Jill (the "wave" layout:)

Jenn in MO said...

Oh my gosh that is the most clever use of the grass I have seen.......I'm glad I have that border in my collection! It could be used to make bangs for children's faces too....oh the ideas!

Denise Stoner said...

This bag is SO CUTE!!!!
You might have even talked me into a Scor-Pal... I've been fighting to get the thing, and so far I've won, until I heard you go on about the Scor-Pal!!! Now I NEED a Scor-Pal!!
Enjoy your day!!
Denise from OH.. almost!

gemscraps said...

Love the bag!!!! It's just too cute. And who would have thought to use the grass for hair.

But I have a bone to pick with you. My Score Pal arrived yesterday. And did I order an extra score tool??? Of course not. Because you didn't tell us to before now (smile). So I went back to order one. Guess what? The shipping for that little baby is $8 (YIKES) Any chance that there's a bug in the system?

Brenda said...

Very Cool Idea!

MaryNSC said...

OO this is so CUTE!!!! I am a SCOR PAL NEwbie U r helping me a lot.. Thank U!!

Jenna said...

This is the most awesome halloween idea yet!!! I'm so glad I met you all in NH so that I can follow your blog! Thanks for the ideas!

avidreader said...

Cutest, freshest idea I've seen in a while. Just love it!

Jenna said... I hope you don't mind, but I was so impressed with your idea I went ahead and borrowed it!! my eyes are not googly and I had to improvise the hair, but I'm pleased all the same! Thanks!!!