Tuesday, September 2, 2008


and a dollar short.  That's the story of my life!

If I'd have realized when I said "September 1st" that September 1st was Labor Day...I'd have said September 2nd instead.

But I didn't - so I didn't.  So instead of posting yesterday, I had a house full of neighbors yesterday. Eating burgers, enjoying my home made pico de gallo, watching the golf tournament and causing a big ol' ruckus.

Sometime last night I realized it was the day I had promised to post about...


WHOOPS! Sorry 'bout that!

Okay - so here is the deal - Scrap-Mart needs a design team. We need a design team to help Deb and I create. We need a design team to help me blog (I've given up on Essie!). We need a design team to help me do videos. We need a design to team help us brainstorm. We need a design team to help us dream up ideas and contests and projects.

Basically - summed up in Tuesday-morning-after-the-holiday vernacular - I NEED SOME HELP!

Here is the plan we are working with right now...

- 6 month commitment, October 1st - March 31st (extended to 1 year if agreed upon by both Scrap-Mart and DT member)

- required to submit one project a week (page, card, altered item, tips, video, etc.)

- film/video one class, make-n-take, demo a month (so having a camera that does video would be great...but it's not a requirement)

- blog on assigned day of the week...four times per month
- must sign a confidentiality agreement. Images, names, descriptions and themes of dies and news released to DT members will remain private at ALL TIMES. If DT information is shared with non-DT members, posted on message boards or traced back to you in any way, DT term will end AND DT member will be charged for any dies they have received in offending month.

- read DT message board (coming soon on the new Scrap-Mart website) daily, for assignments, updates and news

- have daily email/internet access

- have access to iChat, Yahoo Messenger or AIM for meetings and chats

- be knowledgeable and experienced in all things die-cutting
- four DT members will split 2 complete sets of new release dies, free of charge (including Bosskut and QuicKutz...others added as necessary...like Cuttlebug, Sizzix, Spellbinders)

- will recieve a "credit" each month, for shopping at the on-line store...credits based on previous month's participation in the DT duties...not to exceed $100 per month, retail.

- any additional dies from current release, at wholesale - before released to public, or as soon as received by Scrap-Mart. These may be paid for with DT Credit.

- can add "Scrap-Mart" blinkie to signature line, blog, web-site, etc. (as soon as I figure out how to create one!)

- if you live near one of our convention locations, you'll be offered admission into the show and offered paid hours in the Scrap-Mart booth.
- one item from each of the five categories:
• scrapbook page
• card
• die innovation
• non-scrapbook/non-card item AND
• a written idea for a video (make-n-take, demonstration, project).

- photographs or scans, emailed to me at "susan@scrap-mart.com"

- due to me by Thursday, September 25th - 10:00 pm Scrap-Mart time (CDT).

- entries will be chosen based on originality, creativity, use of products currently carried by Scrap-Mart and attitude/excitement of the individual (remember, all of us here at Scrap-Mart are crazy!).

- entries judged by myself, Crafty Deb, Ms. Laura and if we feel we need it, Mr. Doss.

- new DT members announced on Tuesday, September 30th.

WHEW! That was long-winded! If you think there is something I need to clarify - or explain in a different way - send me an email. I've probably forgotten something - and I won't notice it unless you point it out to me. (NOTE - while I am still answering Essie's IN BOX, I now have my own, official email address - SUSAN@SCRAP-MART.COM. Woo-hoo! Do you think that means job security!)

So start working ladies. WOW us with your projects. Show us your favorite techniques. Dream up some crazy project to video. Amaze us with scrap-liftable ideas! GO FORTH AND CREATE!

Again, any questions shoot them my way. If you call the store - Ms. Laura will tell you to email me. If you reach Mr. Doss - he'll do the same. So just go ahead and drop me an email.

Have FUN! I look forward to seeing your awesome submissions. Oh heck - what I'm really looking forward to is a design team to help me out with our awesome goals for 2009! The next six month are going to be amazing! (wink, wink)


- - - Susan


Brenda said...

Okay I have to say I would love to do it but - that is way too much work for me! My life is too crazy to make a commitment like that (as tempting as it is.)

I know you will find some talented ladies and gents to help you out.

Good luck to those who enter!

Jamie said...

What exactly do you mean by die innovation?

Tammy (aka sneakybacon) said...

I'm so excited to try for this, I even had to call up today and order some more QK dies (any excuse will do!) Man, I'm such an addict!

gemscraps said...

Sounds like you're going to have a great team. Any word on the Scrap-mart Quickutz Club?

Mary F said...

ohhhh...this is going to be fun!!!
I'm already thinking of what to send.... ;)