Wednesday, September 24, 2008


that I was wrong.

Justin will love this - because he tells me I'm NEVER wrong.  He tells me I'm high maintenance, and whiny and bossy at times - but he knows that I'm rarely wrong!

(hahahahahahaha - miss you Scrap Baby J!)

So when I do find myself wrong - it's usually a pretty big deal!

(you all are laughing - right?)

Wanna know what I'm wrong about?

(here is where you say "sure Susan!...")

SCARECROWS!  I just don't get 'em.  I grew up in Nebraska, and have seen scarecrows my entire life - and I just don't understand them.  So when I saw the September release from QK and noticed that there was not ONE but TWO scarecrow dies - I immediately crossed them off my list of "need to have" dies.

Because again - I just don't get 'em.  Why would I need them in my scrapbooks?

(don't hate me!)

But then Crafty Deb sent me an email this afternoon, showing me the 2x2 scarecrow and I immediately changed my mind!

I mean really, is he cuter-than-cute or what? And you all know - CUTE MATTERS!

But then she made it worse - and put the little guy on a page! But I can't show you the page yet.  She made me promise.

This weekend I'll post it...and not until then. Trust me though when I say, that along with the birds, the pumpkin and the border vine - she has an amazing page!

But I can't show you. Not yet. Soon - I promise!

So - I'm off of my scarecrow ban. These are en route to me, even as we speak. YEP, these!  Because I didn't just get the small one that she used - I got the big one as well.

Because now that I've turned over this new leaf - I'm living by the motto..."you can never have too many scarecrows"!


- - - Susan


Jenn in MO said...

Very cute - I didn't think I needed this but I love that hat - turn it upside down, add some fruit die cuts and you have a nice pedestal bowl. I keep adding and removing things from my cart. Sigh....

gemscraps said...

I'm not into scarecrows either but that is so cute that it's hard to resist. Stick it on the front of a flat lollipop and it would make a great party favor.

Juli said...

check out my blog at and you can see what i did with my scarecrow! I made him a SNOWMAN!!!!