Friday, September 5, 2008


in QK innovation.

Or innovationism
Or innovationry
Or innovationing

Also known as "gettin' crazy with your dies"!

By now you've all seen this die...

the NEW QK Blender.

But to Scrap-Mart's Crafty Deb...this is not just a blender. Oh no sirree! Deb looks at the shapes. She has even been know to die-cut the shapes out of black cardstock just so she can see the "shape" and not the "image". Does that make sense?

So she twists and rotates and flip flops the shapes - and this is what she came up with...

all she added was "steam" from the QK Cauldron, and "foam" from the QK Mug. Now you have cute, tall latte mugs. Or spiced cider, or Irish Coffee. How cute!

But Crafty Deb didn't stop there. No she didn't! How about this one...

a cute little cocktail shaker? Ok - or possibly a toddler sippy-cup? (but wouldn't this be oh-so-cute cut out of silver paper...for a girl's night in scrapbook/cocktail party?!) She added the straw from the QK Juice Box.

And finally - this one...

this could either be a bathroom vanity set, or a sugar and creamer set. Or how about adding some QK tacos and making these little containers into "hot salsa" and "hotter salsa" containers!

See - it's easy to be innovative! Try it - you'll like it.

Thanks Ms. Deb, for your great examples this morning. I'm sure it will inspire some fun projects!

Design Team projects are starting to come in - WOW you ladies work fast! Remember, they are all due to me via email by Thursday, September 25th @ 10:00 pm Scrap-Mart time.

I might find a few minutes to film my Scor-Pal demo this afternoon. Or maybe tomorrow. We'll see how it goes today in my world of wedding invitations!


- - - Susan

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Okay missy - you really have to stop this how do you expect us to show you what we make we our QKs if you keep beating us to the punch!

Stop it!

(Only Joking - always happy to see what Deb is dreaming up!)

Quick go answer my questions from the other blog comments - regarding the contest and a few after that as well.

I really want my BK peekers before then!