Monday, September 22, 2008


for every email I've gotten about the new dies, I'd be able to retire.

Well, maybe not retire.  But I could surely order a Big 'N Beefy from the dollar menu at Taco Bell.

YEP - you scrappers are awfully excited about tomorrow's release.  It's a big one.  It's a totally fun one.  I opened my order that came last Thursday and have been using it all weekend long.

And guess what came today...THE REST OF MY ORDER!

Wanna see?

Isn't it awesome! I just knew it was going to be this good. I can't wait to use the big 4x4 along WITH the little 2x2. I'm just full of sneak-peeks aren't I?

(Hahahaha - sorry - that's mean - I know - but I couldn't resist!  I've been rearranging furniture all afternoon along with reorganizing and purging.  I guess I'm a little punchy!)

But trust me when I say WOW!

So tune in bright and early tomorrow morning. I have a few projects to show you. I have some neat ideas and suggestions. Might even have a give-away. Hmmm - haven't really decided yet. You tell me. What would be fun?


Submissions are rolling in and WOW you ladies are good! Just when I think I've seen something that can't be topped...someone tops it! I'm impressed. (I might even be worried for my job. I can't "hire" someone who makes me look bad now can I?)  Just kidding - the best thing about good design teams is they encourage all of their members to be their creative best! It's awesome!  Can't wait!

You have until Thursday, September 25th to get your entries into me. Remember, each entry should include:

• one card
• one scrapbook page
• one die-cut innovation (which can be incorporated onto said card or page)
• one home decor/non card/non item of your choice
• and one idea that you'd like to do a video post about (just a brief idea, don't worry about specifics at this point)

For now - I'm back to rearranging furniture until the kids get home. Then it's full on scrapping tonight! Because I just showed you that I have a stack of new dies to break in!

Check back tomorrow - oh wowzers - and prepare to be excited. Prepare to be motivated. Prepare to be inspired.

Prepare to be broke!


- - - Susan

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