Tuesday, September 2, 2008


and offering some encouragement!

For Sarah in the U.K. - YES!  Entries from outside of the United States will gladly be accepted.  We know we have lots of Scrap-Mart lovers "across the pond" - and we'd love to have you represented in this creative endeavor.  So please, send in your submissions!

To Brenda - by "way too much work", do you mean for the entry or for the actual DT monthly requirements?  Because really - I bet lots of you could hammer out an awesome submission over the next two weekends.  A scrapbook page and a card can come from the same stack of supplies.  And an innovation - lots of you already do that, but for the rest of you - look around and build on some ideas that are already out there.  And something that is not a scrapbook page or a card - just look around your scrapbook area and think about other things you use your supplies for.  Ever made a school project with your child using cardstock?  Ever covered a composition book to record science project observations?  Have you stamped on a bulletin board and made push pins out of smooshed bottlecaps?  Come on - I bet you could do it with your eyes closed!

Brenda - I know you're busy.  Heck, I'm trying to finish 150 wedding invitations by next Wednesday - and the bride is still tweaking the wording this evening!!  We're all busy.  But if you think you've got that something special - you should share it!  We'd love to reward you - and we'd love to tap into the creative genius!

However - if you're referring to the requirements AFTER you're named to the Scrap-Mart Design Team - it sounds like a lot when it's spelled out in words, but really it's just a couple of hours a month.  One blog post a week = an hour at best.  And usually 20-30 minutes does it for me. Two projects a week = after consideration today and a couple of emails, we've changed that portion of the requirement to only one project a week.  Much more doable - and I can't really ask you all to do more than I'm able to do!  So I've edited the earlier post from today.  Thanks everyone, for weighing in on the item!  And one video a month - once you get the hang of talking to yourself on camera - it'll only take you an hour to record, upload and publish.  And trust me - I'll hold your hand thru the first couple of 'em.

And Jamie asked me to clarify what I mean by "innovation".  Well Jamie, by innovation I mean - use a die in a way that it wasn't originally intended for.  NO - don't use the die as a guitar pick as my son is prone to do...instead use the die cut top of the mushroom for a jellyfish.  Or a leaf as a bird wing.  Look back under the April To Die For posts and see what some of the winners did.  That'll give you some ideas.  And our Crafty Deb is famous for her die innovations.  Check out where I've posted her card samples and see what I'm talking about.

If you have any more questions - shoot 'em my way.  I'm full of answers.  

For right now - I'm headed to the kitchen to make Tammy's delicious cookie recipe that she posted in the comment section a few days ago.  THANKS TAMMY!  You rock - and your cookies take the cake.

Hahahaha - that was funny!  Cookies - cake - get it?

I need plenty of cookies on hand because I'm going to have a house full of visitors next week.  You'll never guess who is coming to Phoenix!

Two of my favorite Okies.  They're traveling together.  All that way.  Oh to be a fly on the wall on THAT airplane!

Can you guess??


- - - Susan


Brenda said...

As much as I love my scrabooking table and my dies - I sometimes go a week without sitting down at it.... I am the type that I will take days to make one page (example the Christmas page I am working on right now has taken 6 days to complete - and no I'm not talking about 8 hour days because I don't have 8 hours a day to devout to scrapbooking.)

And to top things off - I don't have a Revolution Tool - I have a Squeeze and a Boss Kut. I have often thought about the Revoultion because of the size of the dies but my husband talks me out of it time and time again.

I think about it some more.

Have you thought about having a guest DT member here and there and giving just a gift to that person who will commit to a month????

Brenda said...

Okay another question - the stuff we submit - are you going to let us use that at some point as part of one of our months submissions if we win a spot as a DT member?

And are you going to allow us to use what we have - as I've said I don't have a Revolution but I love the squeeze and Boss Kutter but I am not sure that I want to buy the Revolution