Thursday, September 4, 2008


here is the video of the project I teased you with yesterday!

Let me know what you think of it...

The supplies for the project I listed in yesterday's post. QuicKutz Nesting Flowers, Circles and Squares! Everything else are basic supplies you probably have on hand!

(And as SOON as the Scor-Pal is available I'll let you know. It's an awesome tool and you're just going to LOVE it!)

EDITED:  WOO-HOO - the Scor-Pals are here, the Scor-Pals are here.  Snag one up today - because a bunch of them are coming to Phoenix next week!  I have a cute and EASY project to show you this weekend...using just this tool and one piece of 12x12 paper.  You're going to LOVE it!!  Ladies - trust me - you want this tool.  Have I ever lied to you?


- - - Susan


Jenn in MO said...

Susan - love the demo - I can see several uses for this - thanks!
One question - can you tell me what glue pen you are using in the demo - I have one but am slow with it because the glue tends to run - you seem to be able to use that one quickly. Thanks!
Jenn Lynn in MO

gemscraps said...

What a quick and easy project and so cute. Love the little pop ups in the video!!! The Score Pal is awesome! I've been using a friend's but I guess now I'll have to get my own.

Pat said...

What an oh so cute project. And love the Scor-pal. Can't wait to be able to buy that.

Pat said...

Ps, I liked the new camera angle even if you did knock it just a little bit.

Brenda said...

Liked the new set up - but if you really want us to read the bubbles leave them up a bit longer (OH and the roots look A-Okay {LOL})

So they have re-invented the scoring tool - I have one of those from 20 years ago {okay may age is showing} I will have to dig that baby out and use it again.

Anonymous said...

I am a fairly new user of the Quickutz Revolution. When you use the sticky mat, (the one that is sticky) do you have to put some kind of covering on it when it is not it use so it doesn't collect dust and other stuff on it? I know! Its probably a silly question.
I loved this last demo! It is so, so cute!! Thanks for all of your great ideas.

akatkando said...

Just want to say, I love this camera set-up much better than sitting off to the side. I have to agree, you need to leave your word ballons up a few seconds longer!

I love watching your videos, you always do such a nice job.

Cathy B.