Monday, August 18, 2008


Crafty Deb fired off a "get well" card.

But only Deb would send me a card - - - and list the supplies she used! I LOVE IT!

QK Grass
QK Ants
QK Ladybug
and some scraps of cardstock to make the jar.

(ETA - make sure you check out Scrap-Mart's home page. All SingleKutz and DoubleKutz dies are on sale BIG TIME! That makes grabbing a few new dies even easier!!)

Be sure an notice that all she did to make the jar was cut a white rectangle, corner round the corners, and add a bit of blue chalk. Then she cut a thin little rectangle for the lid, rounded the corners again, and placed it on top of the other one. VIOLA - a jar.

Isn't she just the sweetest? And you know what - I think it made me feel better all the way around!

Thanks Deb!

As for the emails I received over the weekend, I offer the following answers:

- YES Charlotte was awesome! Great classes, great crowds, great projects, and awesome weather.
- YES we will have Pink Paislee in Chicago. It'll all be restocked because we SOLD OUT of it in Charlotte.
- YES QK classes in Chicago and the next weekend in San Diego are still open for registration. You can also register on Thursday at the walk-up registration.
- YES Justin is very sweet to me when I'm not feeling well. He let me have all of the sit-down jobs this weekend. Like hanging our 47 gazillion Bosskut dies and reorganizing our 92 katrillion QK dies.  That's why we call him "Sweet Justin"!
- YES Scenic Route class kits will be available for sale in Chicago. HOORAY - they are cuter than cute and a smokin' hot deal!
- and YES, Tammy brought us the best cookies in the world on Friday. She's our new favorite customer! (But you know, that title changes every weekend!)

Here we are - in a slightly blurry shot...

She's promised to share the recipe with me, and when she does I'll post it here because it's a MUST HAVE cookie recipe. She says it's super easy - and Justin and I say it's super delish!

Thanks again Tammy...your super sweet gesture made our weekend!

Now - for this week - I had a project to video for you today. But I got a phone call from QuicKutz and they want me to use it as a make-n-take this fall. So that one will have to wait for awhile. But then I found another sketch pinned to my "inspiration station" bulletin board. And I think it'll work just great as a video. So give me tonight and tomorrow to get it filmed and edited - and I'll post it as I'm leaving town Wednesday morning.

It's cute. In a super-sweet-and-sticky kind of way! So watch for it soon!

We - meaning Justin and I - leave for the Chicago EXPO on Wednesday morning. Crafty Deb is joining us for set-up, and she's promised to show us the town and spoil us rotten!

If that doesn't sound like the perfect way to spend a weekend - surrounded by crazed-QK-Scenic Route-lovers-while-being-spoiled-by-a-local - then I don't know what does!

Thanks again for your emails. Thanks for your questions.


- - - Susan

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Nice to put a face to the blogging
Crafty Deb :)