Wednesday, August 6, 2008


for awhile now...Crafty Deb decided to email me some pictures to blog this morning.

Because let's face it, it gets old just reading words.  So here are a few alphabets, with the notorious "quarter-for-size-reference"...

QK 4" x 8" Dragonfly alphabet

QK 4" x 8" Aquarius alphabet

QK 4" x 8" Chemistry alphabet

and one of my favorites...

QK Cookie Cutter Nutmeg alphabet

That should give you a better idea of which ones you might like. Or reinforce exactly why you already love the ones you have. Or...gasp...make you notice that there is one you really do need!

And just for the record - I came home from Valley Forge with all of them. Not that it's a competition or anything...


- - - Susan

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