Wednesday, August 20, 2008


to finish uploading my cute-project video.  You see, I had gone to bed last night with it uploading to YouTube.

But over my first cup of coffee - I noticed the error message on my computer screen.  One of those ugly error messages, full of red letters and big "Xs".  Telling me that my memory disk was corrupted - and the data was "unable to process"!


So to heck with waking up early.  I could have stayed in bed.  Dag-nabbit!  And it appears as though I lost the 7 minute video.  Poop-itz

So instead, you'll have to take my word for it.  The project is cute.  It's pink and it's super-easy.  And seasonally appropriate.  So when I get to Chicago, I'll see if Justin is up for filming.  Maybe I'll film and HE can do the project.  Now that'd be some interesting prime-time video!

For now, I sit at the airport...

enjoying a 32,000 calorie "Extreme Mocha Blended Frapp". I'll probably regret it later on in the day - but right now it's making me feel better.

Better overall. Better about losing my video. Better about being gone for my boy's birthday on Friday (although the guilt will have caught up to me by the time I land in Chicago, I'm sure!).

Sorry about no project this morning. I tried - I really, really tried. But this will give Justin and I something to do while we're in Chicago. I'm pretty sure filming scrapbook videos ranks pretty high on his list of things to do while he's out of town!

Remember, if you're anywhere in the Chicago area - we'll be in St. Charles at the Scrapbook Expo. Drop by and say "hi"...take a class, check out the new QK dies (shhhhhh - but we've got the new releases for next week) or grab some Scenic Route class kits. They are divine!

They are calling my flight - - -


- - - Susan


gemscraps said...

Have fun in Chicago. Giordano's has great pizza. We'll eagerly await the video.

Tammy said...

I so owe you a cookie recipe, I promise to get that to you this week. Things have been crazy around here (my son turned 5, how did that happen???)
I had to thank you for the Scenic Route class kit Sue, it is so cute, I finally had a chance to put a couple of the pages together today, that kit is packed! Next year remind me to take one of your classes at CKC!!!
Hope all is well,