Thursday, August 7, 2008


and counting.

If you haven't already - click on the "UStream Video" in the side bar and get signed in for a user name.  Then click thru to the "Scrap-Mart LIVE!" studio (the words in bold) 8:30 pm Scrap-Mart time, and watch what I'm working on tonight.

It's a fun little demonstration that I literally dreamed about last night.

We're going to cut, emboss, adhere and ink a cute, cute, cute card!

And have no fear - we'll be using a little bit of everything...
-  QuicKutz
- Cuttlebug
- Spellbinders

with that many products - it's guaranteed to be FUN!

See you soon!

- - - Susan

1 comment:

Lorraine aka 'lainey-lainey' at scrapmart live. said...

Hi, just wanted to tell you a few things.
I'm in western australia and the time for the last video was PERFECT for a morning at home on our local time. anyone on Sydney side would only be at lunch time so i think you have a winner on that last time slot!!! please do it again if you can.
I got there late (grrrhhh) by default of my diva daughter playing up big time. that said i got to watch the video and enjoyed the technique. quality of the feed and the speed was terrible compared with watching you on you-tube. perhaps it was at my end. loved the project!

Had an idea to go one step more or different. If you still have your scrap pink letters on the sticky tape.... I wondered what they would look like (as they are still lined up perfect...) put on top of the embossed 'i love you'???? I know they are pink scrap, but wondered if you would try it and let us know if the effect would be a good one or not. I was thinking like maybe a chipboard amount of lift in the finished look.

Looking forward to more, more , more.