Friday, August 8, 2008


and I'm so excited!

Opening Ceremonies in Beijing are tonight and plans for Olympic festivities here at my house, are already under way.

For instance - these are what I'm making to put under each food dish, when it arrives...

I used my QK Nesting Circles...they worked perfectly! I didn't like trying to find solid colored cardstock in the right colors, so I just used patterned scraps. And I think they look much cuter! Do you think the IOC will mind the changes???

We have food from all different countries coming - and I'm scrapbookin' up the place in appropriate themes.

Country dies will be on name tags.
Medals will be awarded to best food, drink and dessert.
Sports equipment shapes are decorating all surfaces of my house.
It's going to be a fun evening.

The only bad thing that happened today was that my package didn't arrive in the mail. I was waiting for something specific to do tomorrow's make-n-take with - so that has been postponed until Monday night.

The boys...Mr. Doss and Scrap Baby J...are in San Jose, CA at the Scrapbook Expo. I spoke with them this morning and things were hopping! If you're in the area of San Jose/Santa Clara - make sure you stop by and say "hello"!

Now - it's time to step outside and raise our flag. It's almost party time. Have a great weekend everyone!


- - - Susan

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