Thursday, May 1, 2008


but knowing that doesn't make it any easier to wait.

Trust me - I know. I hate waiting. Despise it, try to avoid it at all costs. Yessiree I do.

BUT, with that being said - you're all just going to wait your little selves a bit longer!

Wait - because I'm overwhelmed.
Wait - because my head is spinning.
Wait - because my jaw is hanging open.
Wait - because the only thing I hate worse than making a decision.

We received enough entries in the "An April to Die For" contest to give away a GRAND PRIZE and a RUNNER UP PRIZE. WOWZERS! You all are awesome! Thanks for entering, thanks for trying something new, thanks for taking a chance and sharing your work with all of us!

Now, I have to decide. Luckily, I have help. I'm going to make everyone here give me their opinions tomorrow. Mr. Doss - he gets to vote. Ms. Laura - I'll be hearing from her as well. And - heck - even Sweet Justin, we'll let him look and vote. It'll be fun!

So for now - know that on Saturday you'll have a list of winners. Saturday, which just so happens to be National Scrapbook Day 2008. Which just so happens to be the QuicKutz Spring Gift Set release day.

Coincidence? I think not!

Until then - I'll tide you over with something cute to look at...

this is a little book that I whip up when I need a little "thank you" gift. They are the perfect size to stick in the mail. I send them to party hostesses, people we've stayed with for the weekend, or friend's who we've shared an evening with. It'll hold little 2" x 2" photographs, and a few written sentiments. But the best part? It takes about 3.5 minutes to put together!

And I'm going to share the instructions for making one of these coolio little books...on Saturday!

SHOCKER! Saturday is National Scrapbook Day! Or did I mention that already?

Hmmmmm - wonder what else we should do on Saturday. Sounds like it's going to be a busy, busy day!

behave yourselves...

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