Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sir Frank - the Problem Solver.

Yes - Frank, the winner of our "An April To Die For" contest. He jumped in last night (very late last night...he's a QK night owl) and answered my rhetorical blog question from yesterday.

Does the Mexico Country Collection "poncho" fit the Revolution Paper Doll?

Well rhetoric be damned! Sir Frank grabbed his dies and a stack of cardstock, cut and glued and inked - and sent me my answer:

YES! The poncho AND THE HAT both fit the paper doll.

But he went one step further...yes-sirree he did. He also answered the question that will surely come next..."Does the Scotland Country Collection work too?"

YES! He used the kilt from the Scotland collection - but then added the Pirate Shirt, Pirate Skull Cap (with knotted end cut off) and the Pirate (or Pilgrim) Shoes from the Pirate Costume.

Aren't they both adorable?

And the uses...well I think I'm going to make up the little bagpiper and have him say "GOT SCOTCH"...for a girls night out party I'm planning! I'll hope that my girls "get it"!!

Thanks Sir Frank. Great work. Great fun. I'll have to think of more questions to throw out there to blog-dom. Look at the fun answers I get in return!

behave yourselves...

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Anonymous said...

Cute, very cute Frank!
Crafty Deb :)