Saturday, May 3, 2008


hot diggity dog!

Do you have big plans for today? Are you scrapping up a storm with a bunch of friends? Did you kick all non-scrapbookers out of the house, for points unknown to you? Is the Chili con Queso dip simmering in the crockpot?

NO? Oh wait - those are my plans! Yep - big BIG plans here at Essie's Place. I'll check in throughout the day to drop an idea or two your way - maybe share what we've been making - or maybe my recipe for Queso??

BUT FOR NOW - I'm sure most of you are waiting to learn the winners of "An April to Die For". First, I must say, this was a terribly difficult decision to make.  We had so many beautiful entries.  We had so many creative entries.  We had some innovative entries that blew my mind!  You have definitely proved that Scrap-Mart customers are one-of-a-kind!

And with that - - - I am tickled to announce:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Frank V. for his collection of three, stunning cards...

His prize package is Mademoiselle, 2008 Limited Edition Spring Gift Set, a USA Country Die Collection and two state/country dies of his choice.

RUNNER UP PRIZE WINNER: Tammy C. for her adorable scrapbook page.

Her prize package is Rockstar Cookie Cutter Alphabet and a package of Quickstripz.

BUT I COULDN'T STOP AT ONLY TWO WINNERS. No-siree, I just couldn't. I whined all day yesterday. I begged, I pleaded...I just couldn't let so many beautiful entries go otherwise unrecognized. And that's when Ms. Laura came up with a lovely idea of issuing some gift cards. Just a token of our appreciation, and a public acknowledgement of your work. I'm calling these little goodies S.M.A.K...Scrap-Mart Acts of Kindness.

So I officially issue the first five SMAK to:

Mary F. for her cute alteration of a salvaged china hutch, using the QK Flourish.

Susan for her happy, flowery scrapbook page.

Lisa L. for her darling card using the QK Bird

Toni for her twist on the QK Envelope

and finally, to Jane who took the Bosskut Apple to new extremes (the inside says "Behind you all the way!")

WHEW! I'm exhausted! But I hope lots of you are happy. Please know, from the bottom of my heart, that if you did not win a prize today - it's not because I didn't love your work. I loved everything that came in. But yesterday, the voting came down to - following the rules, innovation or new use of an old die, overall eye appeal...and whether Sweet Justin understood the concept or not.

Okay - not really the last thing - but I did have to explain a few things to him. You really do have to love young college students! At least that's what he keeps telling us!

Several of the projects I'd like to keep on hand to feature in the upcoming weeks. Brenda and Melissa - your intricate work is breath-taking. Ruby and Shawnee - what you see in the shapes of dies is mind boggling. And to each and every one of the ladies in the Green Bay Group - you all ROCK!

And with that - the April 2008 contest is over!

Time to clear off my desk and get on the the day. And what a day it's going to be! I can't wait to share some of the goodies I've got working. After this monster post - some of the ideas might wait until tomorrow. But what the hey, I'll be celebrating National Scrapbook Day all week!

Don't forget - the QK Limited Edition Spring Gift Sets are available TODAY. We've got them at an amazing price, and they are going F-A-S-T! From the sounds of it - you all like what you see!

Enjoy. Create. Laugh. Splurge. Indulge. And be happy!

behave yourelves...


Brenda said...

I would like to congratulate all of the winners and honorable mentions!!!! Your work is wonderful and everyone of you deserved to win!

Thanks to Scrap-Mart for having the contest.

Virginia Gomes said...

Wao! Congrats everyone.

I always knew that Bear was going to be famous someday, lol.

Any coupons for NSD day?

Frank said...

OMG! Thank you Miss Essie, and everyone at Scrap-Mart. I'm excited and quite honored to have won.

Congratulations to everyone else who won, and great job. Some of those shapes I hadn't thought about in those configurations. So thanks for giving me more ideas.

Anyway, thank you again. I'm quite humbled at the moment.