Monday, May 5, 2008


¿Cómo es usted?

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

In honor of the holiday, all of us at Scrap-Mart have been trying to speak Spanish today. Which, seems to have kept conversation to a minimum. At some places of business, this might be a good thing. But here at Scrap-Mart we love our varied work room conversations...

• Who went mountain biking...and SAW WHAT!!
• How was the drive to Tulsa and back...HOW FAST?
• Whose dog chewed what yesterday...HOW MANY TIMES?
• What child completed such-and-such task last night...AND THEN ASKED FOR WHAT?
• What's for dinner tonight...YOUR KIDS WILL EAT THAT!
• What are your plans for Mother's Day this weekend...NO ONE HAS MENTIONED IT YET?
• Who has the best margarita recipe...IN AN INDUSTRIAL BLENDER?
• How many times should we remind Sweet Justin to take socks and his belt to Manchester next week...SERIOUSLY!

Seriously, you'd be surprised how many times this boy's first stop in any given city is at a Target, to pick up whatever item of clothing he forgot. Even though he travels several times a month over the summer. So Ms. Laura and I had quite a good time today - writing up Sweet Justin's "TO PACK" list.

First we wrote it in English. Then we wrote it in Spanish. And...right now...that's the one we'll be giving him. Just to see what he decides to pack for "zapatos".

hee hee - Have I mentioned that we all love working here!

Also in honor of Cinco de Mayo - Crafty Deb sent me the entire Mexico Country Collection, cut out and labeled.

She's just the sweetest! I admit, this wasn't one of the sets on my "have to have" list at first. But now that I see it cut out - it's a must have. That taco is adorable!! And the poncho...wouldn't that fit one of the Paper Dolls? I'll need to check that out. But it's a cute collection. Very cute!

We are getting things geared up to send to CKC Manchester next week. Sweet Justin and Suzy-Q are heading to New Hampshire next week...and they are packed to the brim. They'll have all things QuicKutz. And I do mean all things. And rumor has it, they might even have the brand new Scenic Route mini-line, Liberty! Oh it's going to be a wonderful show. If you're in the area - we hope you'll stop by and say "hi".

That's enough for today. We're heading out in search of tamales. ¡DELICIOSO!

behave yourselves...

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