Wednesday, April 30, 2008


and because of that we're dealing with INSANITY today.

Insanity I say! But it's wonderful. Truly wonderful.

And, it's nothing that...

• Diet Pepsi & Baked Lays potato chips (for Ms. Laura)
• iced tea & Jelly Bellys (for Mr. Doss)
• Sonic Coke and tots (for Sweet Justin)
• iced coffee & black licorice (for yours truly)

can't get us through!

So before I head out to grab a bite of lunch - how about a quickie?

I mean a quick "Que Kay a New Way" idea! {blush}

Crafty Deb sent this idea in the other day...and it's been hanging on my bulletin board all week long. So cute!

Have I TOAD you lately...

the inside of the card could go a million ways...

"how much I love you"
"how much I miss you"
"that you're a great kid"
"that I appreciate you"
"that if you don't learn to put the toilet seat down soon, we're going to have major issues"

Okay - well, you get the idea. I just love ideas that are so versatile!

Here is what she used:

QK Butterfly (she used only the small, inside shape of the wings - but cut it out twice. It's like getting two sizes of butterflies for the price of one!)
QK Citrus Slices (using only the very center of the orange, and cutting it twice to make the dandelion)
QK Hotdog (she used just the mustard "squiggle" for the stem...but lots of dies would work for this kind of shape!)
• QK Flower w/ leaves (currently out of stock, I'm sorry to say...but look around, you should be able to find another leaf that works too!)

Bosskut Frog (just love this little guy's smile!)
Bosskut Grass
Bosskut Sun

It sounds like a lot of "ingredients", but it really goes together quite quickly! And the variety you can get out of this. Mind numbing!

In fact, speaking of variety...with just a couple of extra cuts from the Bosskut Grass die, you can turn this ordinary green frog into a dashing red-headed frog.

Remind you of anyone you know-or-speak-to-when-you-call-Scrap-Mart??

THIS is actually the one I have pinned above my desk. We've decided to make him our office mascot. And we're going to point to it whenever certain people are acting a bit "toadish".

So there you go. An idea to spark some creativity. Maybe you've seen something new that you feel you have to try out. A die you've never even considered before. Now is the time to "jump". Today and tomorrow, for sure!

behave yourselves...


Kristen Maki said...

Deb is awesome, isn't she? She is the person who started me on my quickutz addiction. I love her usage of the dies and how excited she is working with and even just talking about quickutz. Thank you Deb for introducing me to a great pasttime. Love You Girl!!! Kris from the Green Bay Anonymous Quickutz Card Club!

Kerttu said...

what a lovely card:)