Tuesday, October 28, 2008




Yeah - the new holiday gift sets are here, Holly and Jolly!  They are both awesome, they are both practical, they are both going to be fabulously popular.  I can just feel it!

The S.M.Arties have had their hands on the Jolly set for a few days now - and for your creative inspiration...here are some of their results!

Here is a look at what is inside your Jolly gift set. Not only does the set contain lots of cute dies, but it has a mini magnetic folder to hold all of the cuteness! (Note the quarter for Scrap-Mart size reference!)

And this baby binder will fit right inside your All-In-One Binder. HOORAY!

Some card ideas using the new Jolly set...

Ho ho ho - who wouldn't love this adorable, yet easy, card!

And the mini-border of Christmas lights are perfect for a simple triangular tree. CUTE! Merry Christmas is one of the Cookie Cutter words. EASY!

This idea is a bit more "out of the box". The funky frame flourish becomes a frozen pond, and the penguin has broken thru the surface to wish you a "cool Christmas".

And how about this for the kiddos on your list - an easy Santa-belt-buckle card. The large frame from the Jolly set is used for the belt buckle, the holes in the frame are even included. "ho ho ho" is added for the cute greeting!

And finally - a cute non-holiday page idea, using the included 4x8 Jolly font.

"a kiss from" is the new font...which is a very nice size

while "TABBY" is done in Nutmeg. They look great together!

We'll add some more inspiration over the week. Look for ideas, projects and plenty of fun pictures!

Remember - the Holly and Jolly sets are limited edition for Holiday 2008. And limited means LIMITED. Which means, if this tickles your fancy - you should place an order very soon. Remember - free shipping on your holiday gift sets and they are IN STOCK and ready to start shipping TODAY!

Have fun - and if you create something wonderful - I hope you'll share it with us!


- - - Susan


Brenda said...

This set is wonderful - all of the things that I made just last night with this set (my Revolution is back in my hands and I was busy last night!)

If you are thinking about this set - don't hesitate! Once you see this set with those perfect card sized borders and tags it will be a must have for your QK collection. They won't last long!!! Be one of the first to get it,

Sarah said...

Would it be possible for youto post the length of the mini-lights die?


Jenn in MO said...

Sarah - the length of the mini lights die is 3 1/2". The tree in the sample card is from last year's Merry and Bright set for comparison. Also, you could piece together two if you need a longer light string. Hope that helps!