Thursday, October 30, 2008


and the S.M.Arties want you to be too!

Some more ideas from our fabulous team...using the new Jolly and/or Holly Gift Sets.

Tammy (a.k.a. Wynona) just got her new Silhouette and has been having a grand time learning, playing and cutting.  She loaded up her copy of the Holly Digital CD and that's pretty much the last we've heard from her.  She's been experimenting and exploring ever since...

For this page, she cut all of her snowflakes with the Silhouette. She told me she was amazed at how well it cut those very intricate shapes. And she loved that she could make them any size she wanted!

Jenn is still in die-heaven, and is lovin' that Jolly font.  

She used all kinds of Scenic Route paper on this layout - including the newest line Garland. She added some border dies and the fancy-swirly-frame die for her page's date.

Brenda is playing fact we don't think she's slept very much this week!

This card uses the QK Santa and the word dies from the Jolly set. And here's a fun tip - for a itty-bitty scalloped border, she cut out the Bead Border and then sliced it in half!  (And don't bother - I already asked if she'd make me 100 or so for my Christmas cards this year. She said NO! Sheesh!)

Here is a cutie bag-tag she whipped up using entirely her Jolly set.  Nesting ornaments, Baby Border Gingerbread men and the clear acrylic stamps TO: and FROM:.  Super fast and easy!

Brenda used the same Nesting Ornament to make this cute gift-card or money holder for the Christmas tree.  You can't see it here, but it's dimensional so you could stuff the inside with some goodies.  But I've already talked her into doing a little Scrap-Mart LIVE! video to show us all exactly how she did it!  Love that string of lights!

Another super-cute-super-fast & easy bag tag.  Using just the Jolly stamps and some inked and embossed edges - you've got an adorable tag to tie on any gift you've got ready to give!  Looks like Brenda has hers tied to a Jolly Gift set!

But let's not forget Veronica - all the way over the ocean in Sweden.  Poor Veronica, she hasn't gotten her Jolly set yet.  But she isn't pouting!  Nope - instead she's getting in the holiday spirit by creating cute things with what she has on hand.  Check this out...

Taking some inspiration from Brenda's "inchies" last month - Veronica whipped up some cute, embellished dies and added them to just a plain background of patterned holiday paper.  You could make a bunch of these little squares and add them to ANY paper you had left over from last year!  LOVE using up supplies like that!  Thanks Veronica!

And this is super simple - last year's Christmas Phrases and a Jingle Bell were all she had to die-cut...the rest of the card went together with basically scraps of patterned paper.  This is a mass-produce-able card if I ever saw one!

Thanks ladies for your awesome inspiration.

You'll notice that I haven't shared anything with you yet.  And you know what - that's okay.  Look how awesome the S.M.Arties are!  Instead of scrapping this week I'm preparing for an awesome November.

If you have a second - fill out the survey check box up in the right-hand corner of the page.  We're trying to figure out what you'd like to see/hear/do next month.  I'm a "be prepared" kind of person, so I thought doing something things in November - to prepare for Christmas - would be the best way to go.  But thought I should ask first.  So let me know - vote in the poll - leave me a comment - or drop me an email.

I love hearing from you.  Got an idea?  I'd love to listen to that as well!

Hollys and Jollys are flying off the shelves at the warehouse - so if you're still on the fence - make your decision before the weekend hits.  Who knows what our stash will look like come Monday morning!


- - - Susan

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Jill said...

Susan, I just want to say that my head is ready to explode (in a good way:) from all the blogs lately. Your new Smarties gang was a brilliant idea. . .probably developed because you were so overwhelmed. . .yes?? Anyway, I'm having great fun w/ all the new ideas/blogs. Also, a word to pass on to QK. . .I love the new Jolly (and honestly considering Sil. + Holly combo) But in my sensible moments, I wish QK would have gift sets like this w/out alphabets. Times are tough, and I could reasonably live w/out a new alph. . .not so sure I can survive w/out the Ch'mas dies, however :)