Thursday, October 23, 2008


QuicKutz border dies.

Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. But here's a heapin' handful of ideas, none-the-less.


Let's start with our collective favorite...QK Scallops Border!

Veronica loves to use just little pieces of the border strip. I love this technique! And in case you're not fluent in Swedish - her title says "My little brother is a copycat!"

Here she has used a bigger piece of the border, and I believe the larger of the two sizes that comes in the Scallop set. Love the sanded up, roughed up edges. Translation = "A Scent of Summer"

Tammy liked the idea of using both the smaller scallop AND the large one. Her cutie patootie page - also using Sonoma and her QK Merry font from last year!

For this page, I used a pair of Scallops, plus I used the negative. Meaning, instead of throwing the "wave" away, I just used it next to my journaling block! (It's not that I'm all that inventive, it's that I can't stand to throw away any of this Sonoma striped paper!)

Okay - enough Scallops for tonight - let's move on to Beads and Gingerbread People

Here, Jenn decided to totally mix things up by layering her QK Beads border right over the top of her Scallops. Totally fun - and legal in all US territories!

For this decorated cookie box, Jenn wrapped the box with both the Bead border AND the Gingerbread People. She cut the Beads out of shimmery paper and embellished her Gingerbread folks with some white ink and "bead" eyes. Cute! I think she might have solved her "teacher gift" dilemma for the year!

Moving on to the QK Grass border,

I simply reinvented the "Franken-Bag" from last month. A switch of cardstock colors and VIOLA - a baby gift bag ready to fill!

Brenda finished up a cute two-page-spread...using the Grass border as icicles! Both pages got the icy treatment - super cute, unifying element!

(Oh, and is that NEW Santa cute enough for you?)

QuicKutz has several flourish borders out right now - and we all have our favorites.

Crafty Deb is partial to this Flourish. I thought it looked like water...she first thought of cold breezes. (Guess that's because she lives in Chicago and I'm from Arizona?) But she paired her flourish with some scallops and some "chilly" dies - and has an adorable page starter at her fingertips!

Going back to the Gingerbread folks for a second...Tammy combined the aforementioned Franken-Bag and the cookie border for this cute little project that goes together in nothing flat!

Here is an easy-to-do accordion card, made with the Carolers Border (even if I think they look more like the folks from Who-Ville...)

Veronica fell in LOVE with the Hearts Border - and she can't use just one. Nope, she likes them better in threes! The more the merrier I always say!

And here's a tip - that is one of my favorites. If you have the large Flourish Border, try cutting it out of black, and layering it onto any patterned paper that also has black in it. Cover the flourish with black Stickles and ouu-laa-laa, you have a to-die-for card that took only seconds!

QuicKutz has done an amazing job with their border die collection. You can tell from this assortment of projects that WE can't get enough of them. The newest holiday release of borders is a must-have.

Keep watching the blog for more holiday border ideas. You know we'll be good for at least one or two.

Okay, maybe three!


- - - Susan


Brenda said...

Love all of the examples that you showed.... especially that tip on using the Flourish border and stickles!!!!

I love the way that Veronica uses the borders and cuts them and then layers them. Top notch idea!!!

Ideas that I can use!

Jenn in MO said...

I have a border obsession at the moment - QK has released some great designs and my wishlist keeps growing!