Wednesday, October 15, 2008


what does that spell?


Oh - that doesn't spell anything!  SORRY!  Try adding an "N-D-A" and what do you have...

BRENDA!  Brenda comes to us from the great state of Illinois. She's a hoot! She's got die-cutting creativity wrapped up in a big ol' bow, and she has just enough of a spicy attitude to hang with this crew! I love her already!

This was Brenda's page submission - and WOWZERS - she got the prize for "Most Die-Cuts Used on a Single 2-Page Spread"! Look at this work of art. She called it "INCHIES" and it's totally inspired me to see what cute things I can come up with for 1 inch squares of cardstock!

I'm not even going to try listing all of the dies she used here...suffice it say it was ALMOST ALL CHRISTMAS QK 2X2s that exist!

Here are a few close-ups. I love her details - how she accents with black and white ink pens. Beautiful work...really, really, beautiful!

I think the QK Ornament is my favorite "inchie"...but that QK Candy Cane is pretty dern cute too. Oh heck...I love 'em all! I think her details is what makes them so unique!

Agreed, these pages blew my mind - but then THIS project came thru my IN BOX next...

I'll let Brenda explain her projects to you..."This is what my Thanksgiving table will look like this holiday! I used throw-away placemats, round pieces of chipboard for the coasters, and strips of cardstock. As for as dies, I used BK Design-A-Flower, Large Oak Leaf, Small Oak Leaf, and circles. This place set includes a placemat, napkin ring, drink coaster, and a name place card."

Here are some close-ups!  

Aren't they awesome! I told her I want my table to look just like she graciously agreed to make me an entire place setting for THIRTY!!!!! See - I told you she was GREAT! {grin}

So if you're interested in having her do some for you - just send me an email and we'll add you to the list.  I'm sure she won't mind doing a few more! {grin}

So we've been very happy having Brenda in our mix.  She's chomping at the bit to start working on "assignments" - unfortunately the entire S.M.Artie team is having to put up with my travel schedule this month.

But to satisfy her own creative desires Brenda sent me this last night...

Cookie Cutter font Cosmopolitan and some QK Pumpkins and ghosts and you have a cuter-than-cute pan of brownies!

(Brenda - will you send my family a pan?? They might like them right about now!)

So I'm at the airport now - headed out to Sacramento. If you're in the Sacramento area we hope you'll stop by and say HI! It's going to be a great weekend - I just know it!

Next up in my list of pictures to upload - Veronica. All the way from Sweden. Can't wait to share her projects. They are beautiful and we are going to learn lots from her...including SWEDISH!!


- - - Susan


Anonymous said...

I see what you mean by being blown husband said he just wouldn't eat if I did something like that!! How does the woman find time to sleep? That's ALOT of detail BUT also beautiful!!

Mary F

Jodi Clausen said...

WOW!!!! What amazing work!!!

Veronica said...

Totally stunning Brenda =)
I loved your table settings but since we don´t celebrate Thanksgiving in Sweden maybe you can do it in x-mas colours for me ;-)

Hugs Veronica

Anonymous said...

Brenda, what kind of a white pen are you using? I have yet to find just the right one that shows up this well.
Crafty Deb

Tammy said...

Brenda, your stuff is beautiful. That scrapbook page is incredible, did you put glossy accents on the die cuts to make them look like that?
Great work!

Jenn in MO said...

Brenda - your detail work is amazing! I'm going to have to dig out my white pens! I love the flower place setting too - simply georgous!