Friday, January 4, 2008


to check in.

And to issue a few reminders...and one update.

First - the reminders:

1. The monochrome challenge is good until tomorrow - when I post the next challenge. So get busy, spread the word, and let's get some more entries!

2. The awesome sale going on at our retail site ends TOMORROW. If you haven't checked out the retired dies that are on a mighty-fine sale, or the BossKut Alphas that are an equally fine price - then go and do so right now. The BossKut dies work oh-so-wonderfully through your Revolution or your Cuttlebug. And with prices like these - who can resist?

3. And finally...tomorrow, January 5th, the nation will celebrate "" - so if you still have a few scraps of precious cake sitting around - get ready to toss them out tomorrow!

Second - the update:

The pooch appears to be just fine. Plastic and chocolate didn't seem to phase her one little bit. Thanks for all of your concern!

And now - back to your regularly schedule Friday afternoon scrappin'!

Behave yourselves!

1 comment: said...

Hey Miss Essie, here is my mono challenge!! :) I couldn't get it to load up on the papercrafts mb, so I am including the link to it!!
Hope thats ok, cos this is my first attempt at one of your challenges. I had a lot of fun doing it!! Gonna do another couple tonight I think!! we go :)