Tuesday, January 1, 2008



Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully you stayed awake until the stroke of midnight. I personally feel like such a rebel-rouser when I'm up that late. But on a night like December 31st - I just can't resist! The Mister and I stayed awake, banged a few pans in the front yard with the children and toasted the end of a wonderful year!

Then it was on to resolution time! Resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. Everyone wrote down a few things that we'd like to accomplish, change or take up, in the upcoming year. Did you all do the same? Goals are always such a fun way to start the year...such a clean beginning I think.

So that is what the "New Year Contest" challenge is for today. Scrap a little motivational "something" for yourself - listing your goals and/or resolutions for the upcoming year.

It's only 8:13 am where I am, and I've only had my first cup of coffee - but as soon as I sit down to work on my own example, I will post it for you. I am thinking of doing something in a size that I can put into a frame. Something that I can actually hang on my wall and see every day. The good Lord knows I can use all the daily reminders I can find!

The only requirement is you must use at least ONE DIE CUT. And of course I'd love to have you use a QuicKutz, BossKutz or Cuttlebug die, because those are the dies that we carry. But for the first contest of the year, I'll let just about anything go!

So what ideas do you have?? If you're a reader - perhaps a bookmark. If you're a daily commuter - maybe a dashboard sign. If you're a die-hard page maker, than go ahead and do a full page! Let your mind run with this - and get a few of your goals for 2008 down on paper today!

When you have your project done, take a picture of it and post it somewhere on the internet (your personal blog or a photo hosting site). Then reply to this post, in the comment section, with a link to your photograph. Entries will be accepted until I post a challenge tomorrow morning. That might be 6 am or it might be 8 am - but as long as there is no post from ME on January 2nd, entries will still be valid.

How fun!

I can't wait to see what you're goals and resolutions are for this year. I can't wait to see what you make. I really can't wait to see if Sweet Justin decides to play along. While he wouldn't be eligible for one of my prizes, I think he should show us his scrap-abilities! And I might make him a batch of cookies if he did decide to play along! And how about Mr. Doss...you could play along too! And Miss Laura, and Lovely Lawrin? I dare you two too! Everyone at Scrap-Mart can show off their talents...and tout their goals. You just can't win I'm sorry to say.

Good luck...have fun...be honest...and be creative!

behave yourselves!

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Katie said...

Hey hey, challenge accepted! I created a calendar cover and you can see it on my blog at http://katiepiotrowski.blogspot.com/. Thanks and Happy New Year! Katie