Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Justin lives, breathes, blogs AND offers sales!

See - he lives up to his name - Sweet Justin. He does have other nicknames - but mentioning "Stud Muffin" and "Scrap-Baby J" probably would get me in trouble.

And really, I do prefer to stay out of trouble!

Now ladies, let's talk about this sale that he mentioned. BossKut dies rock my "stay-at-home-scrapper" world! I cut some of their shapes out last year for the first time - and when I was done, the heavens opened up and I heard a chorus of angels singing my name!

(Actually, the sound was similar to a warning siren - as in "ohhhhh Essie, do you need more dies??....." - but it was definitely a song. And definitely from above. Although, come to think of it, the Mister is considerably taller than me....hmmmm....)

But I digress!

Personally, I run my BossKut dies through my Revolution machine. Works great, spit-spat, just like that! And now, with this sale - I may be in trouble! A lot of these dies are large. A lot of them have two-dies to assemble into the final shape. Some that I was most excited, and most in love with include...

the Dog House It is much bigger than I pictured. And oh-so-cute when accented with a few black pen lines!

the Curious Dog is simply adorable - and is again bigger than I first thought. He looks perfectly appropriate sitting next to the dog house...especially if you poke a tiny silver brad through his collar to look like his license tag!

and the Haunted House was one of the most popular Halloween shapes last year! It is very big, is a two-die shape, and looks amazing with black Stickles all along the roof lines! And the sale price is only $9.75. If you are going to try ONE DIE to see the quality of BossKut dies - get this one! I wouldn't lie to you! You'll love it!

and finally, my most recent acquisition is the Pirate Flag. Anyone who loves Pirates of the Caribbean, has been to Disney or has a child that is always on some kind of a treasure hunt - this is the die for you. It's cute and versatile...the two things I always check for when making new purchases! AND IT'S HALF OFF!

So go check them out - they really are all great. Those are just my personal recommends. If you were asking.

And you were - weren't you?

See, I thought so!

So thanks Sweet Justin for mentioning the sale. This sale ends next Monday, when we'll be celebrating Miss Laura's (store owner, married to Mr. Doss) birthday. I'm making my famous Double Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake for the party.

"Scrap-baby J" you're in charge of filling the punch bowl!

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone.

Behave yourselves!


Scrap-Mart said...

Your welcome! I hate you!

Scrap-Baby J

Chel said...

RECIPE, please, for the cake? And I still can't get the feeds to work...