Tuesday, January 8, 2008


yes you!

Yes Justin...YOU!!

Don't you realize that when I'm too busy to post YOU are supposed to jump in here with an educational video, a great instructional PDF or some witty twenty-something observations?

Didn't you read the memo dear?

I'm really, really busy today. I'm scouring the internet looking for CHA sneaky-peeks.

And I'm doing 27 loads of laundry.
And I need to refill my adhesive roller.
And my ribbons need to be rolled and color-coded.
And I promised the Mister that the Christmas decorations would be put away by Wednesday.

You know that. Right?

The 2-page challenge ends tomorrow - - - should we make bets on whether Sweet Justin makes a page or not?? I know he's got a new fancy-schmancy camera.

But then, maybe the dear doesn't know how to match cardstock to DaisyD paper OR use a Revolution.

Yes-siree - that's most likely it. I think that means we have our work cut out of us ladies! We must take the opportunity to educate and encourage the young males of this great country...TO SCRAPBOOK.

Just think what a great catch a single-cutie-patootie-scrapbookin' guy would be!

(insert twinkling eye roll and muffled giggle here!)

Behave yourselves!

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Katie said...

LOL! That is too funny! 27 loads...gosh I frown at my usual 3 a day! WOW! I too still need to take down Christmas decorations but now you've peeked my interest to search for CHA glimpses too! Have a great day! Katie