Wednesday, January 2, 2008


a "silly girl" - and it made me blush from my head down to my toes!

Sweet Justin just text-messaged me and pointed out that I forgot a #2 on my resolutions list in my previous post! How silly of me indeed! I guess wine shouldn't always go hand-in-hand with scrappin'!!

But as I always say, errors and goof-ups are a part of life. Let them be and move on. Heck, around here, if there is a type-o or wrong word choice, it's proof to my family that I made it!

It looks like Katie was our only reader brave enough to enter for January 1st - so KATIE YOU ARE THE WINNER! If you'll send me an email ( with your contact info I'll get your prize sent out toot-sweet! Congratulations!

Now, for day two of our "New Year Contest".

I'm sure that some of you are just like me. A supply hoarder! Right? Can I get an "AMEN ESSIE!"?  I have some patterned papers that I simply refuse to use because I hate the thought of cutting them. I have an original bottle of Prima Flowers that sits here unopened, because they just look so pretty on my shelf. Well today is DELVE INTO YOUR HOARD day. You must use at least two "treasured supplies" - and list them as such. You can make a page, a card, an altered item, anything your heart desires!

I personally think I might slice open my pack of Scenic Route's Roxbury paper. I've been cherishing it since late October, and haven't used a lick of it. Today might be the day. And I think a few of those Primas might just exciting!

Let's do it ladies! Scrappin' I mean.  Today!  With reckless abandon! I can't wait to see how deep you're willing to dig into your prized stashes!

Now if I can just keep Sweet Justin from editing my posts and pictures the rest of the day.  Don't you have work to do in the warehouse today boy?

Behave yourselves!


Katie said...

Oh Yeah! Thanks Miss Essie! Can't wait to see what I'm brave enough to use from my never-ending stash of hoarded goodies! Katie

Anonymous said...

I had fun using my supplies..I never thought it wouldn't hurt and actually heal a horrible day! I used some Heidi Grace felt snowflake paper, my glitter chipboard letters and some Heidi Grace chipboard I have been hiding away. Thanks for letting my supplies have a home they were intended for :)
You will find my creation in the papercrafts gallery.

Deb Pielmeier

Katie said...

Okay, I'm done. My card is on my blog... Thanks for all teh fun, Miss Essie! Katie