Wednesday, January 2, 2008


and then had it finished in about 20 minutes!

Note to self for the future..."Essie, JUST DO IT!"

Since it's still January 1st I have time to post my example. And since I just found out I have a breakfast "date" tomorrow morning, that will give some of you who are still "riding the fence" time to enter.

Way to go to Katie - who was our first contest participant for 2008! You can see her take on my challenge here. Looks lovely dear. Good job! But most of all, big pats-and-congrats for getting a project started AND finished on New Year's Day!

Here is the sweet little project that now sits on the shelf, right above my computer monitor...

The whole frame is 8" x 10".  I grabbed some of my favorite KI Memories scraps of paper, covered the photo mat that came with the frame and die-cut some of the first QK flowers I came to in my stash. I added a few leaves, a brad or two and a few spots of bling and VIOLA! New Year's goals, out in the open for the world to see!

Oh me oh my! I hope I don't regret doing this! But sometimes, being held accountable is the best method! Don't you agree?

I'm done...I'm feeling accomplished...and today I've stuck to all of my goals!  What a great start to 2008!

But now - it's time for bed.  I have breakfast plans and a girl needs her beauty sleep.  If you're still deciding whether to play along - I hope you do decide to JUST DO IT!

Another contest challenge will be posted tomorrow...along with today's winner!

Behave yourselves!

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