Thursday, January 3, 2008


but I had to get my project for the day posted.

Otherwise - I'm just sure I wouldn't have slept well.

Looks like we have a couple of entries in the running so far - way to go ladies! They both dug deep, and used some of their precious supplies to create some beautiful things! And doesn't that just make you feel good all over?

I knew what would be the hardest for me to use. My Scenic Route paper. I have all of their holiday packs - but I've never opened a one of them. I just like knowing that they are there. Love dreaming about my favorite "ledger paper". Totally afraid to use it for fear I'll never be able to find it again.

But I did it. I opened up the Roxbury Product Kit and dove right in...

I used my most favorite ledger paper AND an arrow. I cherish those arrows. I dream about those arrows. But now I have one less to use. And you know what...I survived. And I got a page completed! Lord have's a page!

I also used a couple of my precious rhinestone brads from K&Company. I got these little lovelies at a class last year. I loved them so much I couldn't even use them on the class project. I brought them home and immediately stuck them in a drawer (and remind me later to show you my drawers - they are awesome scrap-aides!!). But what good were they doing there? NONE!

Now they are on this page - with one of my favorite photos from a trip to Chicago a couple of years ago!

I'm feeling so happy right now! I am going to head to bed and dream of completed pages and ledger paper. And even though I only have 2 sheets left in my kit - I just know it's going to be a good night's sleep!

I'll post tomorrow after I drop the Mister off at the airport. The children and I have the rest of the week to ourselves and the lot of us have big plans! Can you say S-C-R-A-P-P-I-N'???

I'll also announce the winner for today.

And Katie - you haven't sent me your address yet. Your prize is sitting here - waiting for you!!

Behave yourselves!

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