Monday, January 14, 2008


has hit like a locomotive!

Why is it that you never hear about the "have to haves" for school - until breakfast is over on Monday morning? When we just spent all weekend together, with plenty of time to get those things done?

Is it just me - or is it a common "mother" issue that everyone deals with? If it's not common, would anyone like two teenagers to train in a more appropriate manner. can have either one. But the combined set would be preferred at this point. One of them doesn't eat very much - and they both are pretty good scrapbook material.

You think about it - and let me know. Alright?!

Okay - next subject.

There is a rumor floating around these parts. The rumor goes something like this..."it's set to arrive today". And I'm very excited!

IT being the big, huge, much-anticipated blue-and-white QuicKutz boxes. Those boxes containing all of the Valentine/Love dies - AND the dies for tomorrow's release. Oh be still my heart! Have you SEEN the new Valentine goodies that QK released? They are lovely. And have you seen the new release for tomorrow...OH've wouldn't have. I got a sneakie-peak from Mr. Doss because I asked really, really sweetly. Let me just warn you - you are going to love them all! The ______________ die is going to be awesome for so many different uses. And that collection of __________?? Absolutely adorable! I can't wait to get my hands on them! All of them.

Wait until you see some of the ideas that I've sketched up - totally cute!

And speaking of QK dies - I've got a quickie little tutorial ready to load up. It's on foaming QK Cookie Cutter dies. I always get questions about doing this step - and really it's pretty easy. But I've photographed the steps and written out I just need to load it here for all of you to see!

But I have girlfriends to meet for scrappy time this morning!

So after I get home. I promise!

Happy Birthday to Ms Laura - I'm pretty sure she's twenty-nine today. Just a youngin' in my book! Best wishes dear - I hope the family treats you right today. I hope it's a day to remember!

Off to pack my totes...I shall return!

Behave yourselves!

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