Thursday, January 3, 2008


but it's only going to cause me grief for this evening.

But it's going to cause HER...

problems for a bit longer!

You see - I had the first package of goodies set to go to the post office tomorrow morning. It's been sitting here in my scrap space - UNSEALED all day. Well, I had thrown in a handful of Tootsie Rolls to top off the package...because who doesn't like getting an added bonus of chocolate in the mail. Right?

Well unbeknownst to me - our family pooch had witnessed the Tootsie Rolls going in. Oh I try to be sneaky when I can - but it didn't work.  I just returned from the grocery store to discover padded envelope contents STREWN about the room. Tootsie Rolls - GONE. Quicker Poker Picker Upper - CHEWED TO PIECES. QuicKutz die - DENTED and GNAWED and UNUSABLE.

Who knew the QK packaging stood no chance against the jaws of a golden retriever. Maybe I should let QK customer service know...there should possibly be a warning on the packaging itself!

So...while I do have the supplies to whip up another goodie bag by morning, the pooch may lay here moaning a bit longer. Twenty-five or so Tootsie Rolls and a good dose of plastic later...I don't think Tums are going to do much to help her now!

The worst part of the whole ordeal...I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES OF THE DESTRUCTION!  What kind of a scrapper am I? Maybe a wee bit of re-staging is in order?!?

Behave yourselves!


Katie said...

OMG! This is definately one of those stories that is only funny AFTER the shock has worn off! I think you may be onto something with the re-staging idea too. I hope she doesn't have too sore a tummy! Katie

Anonymous said...

My Beagle use to eat DVD's when we first brought him home..He would rip open the package and physically chew the and break them apart..I don't know how is still around. Between barbie arms and heads and enless amount of Halloween candy they left in reach, God takes care of them too..Just think how much dirt kids eat and what is in it..They grow up to be fabulous scrappers..I hope your little one feels better after a nice long nap..and maybe a long walk to work off those extra tootsie rolls :)
Deb P

Jennie Skaggs said...

Hi...this is the first time I checked out your page and how funny. :) Sorry...she isn't going to feel good. But I guess you can still do the SB page...just get a icture of her looking sad or mischievious. LOL My mil's dog one year open up all her Christmas packages and ate about half of them while she was out of the house.


Scrap-Mart said...

Poor Poor Girl!!!! Hope she gets to feeling better!!!! Mine ate a whole box of oreo's last night! He felt good though, at least that is what he told me!!