Tuesday, April 29, 2008


and that's final! I just do.

But no matter how much I try to talk Sweet Justin into secretarial work, he won't agree. He's such a boy!

So here I am - a day late and a dollar short. Which is oh-so-typical of me lately! I simply have to hurry and get these kiddos graduated, promoted, and summer occupied. Because they are seriously interfering with my scrap-time.

I know, I know - the thought of that is dreadful! Just dreadful!

Okay - onto to the important reminders of the day!

Reminder #1: "An April to Die For" entries are due tomorrow at midnight. And that is midnight, CST. Three cards, one scrapbook page or one home decor item...full details here.

I've been answering emails and phone calls all weekend long - SO PLEASE NOTE THIS DEAR BLOG READERS - if you choose to enter cards, all three of them do not have to be cutting-edge-innovations. They just have to be unique. I got one darling entry where one of the cards was made entirely out of felt. FELT!! The shapes were used in the way they were intended, but the material was INNOVATIVE.

Crafty Deb sent me this as an example...

She simply used the QK Delicious Apple, but used it in a way I've never seen done before. One cut in red and one cut in white and LOOK - you've got a totally different looking apple. Then slice the whole thing into halves or quarters - and be still my QK beating heart! An innovation!

So if some of you are not entering because you can't turn a BBQ apron into a crocodile...relax. Take a deep breath. I'm just looking for something slightly different. Something refreshingly unique. And of course, something cute.

Because cute matters! Especially around here. "The cuter the better", I always say! Ask Sweet Justin - he gets tired of hearing me say it.

The stack of prizes sitting on my desk is down right towering. If I don't give them all away this week, I'll have to store them. And I really do not like finding places to store things around here. So help a lady out - and enter! The entries I've already received are amazing. Really they are - I've received at least one entry in each of the three categories. But I'm never happy enough with what I've got - I want more. The more entries...the more prizes. Simple as that! So create, cut, glue, be proud and enter.

Reminder #2: Have you checked your mail lately? Did you receive a postcard from Scrap-Mart? Well, if you're a previous customer you did - and we're so excited for you! We appreciate all of you...and I think the postcard tells you exactly how much we do!

Reminder #3: National Scrapbook Day is this Saturday, May 3rd. And you just never know what's going to happen on NSD. We might be doing this...or we might be doing that. Don't you just love surprises? The best part of the day will be that you can purchase the QuicKutz Spring Gift Sets. Words can't describe them. Trust me when I say you're going to want them all. And the best one...in my opinion? Well, Mr. Doss won't let me tell you just yet...but let's just say I went a little "coconutty" when I saw it! Simply a must-have!

That about does it for reminders I think. I've got entries to print out for voting purposes. I'm making everyone here in the warehouse give me their opinion. To make it fair. Unbiased and on the up-and-up. Plus, I just love watching the boys vote...the get kind of nervous and squirmy. They're cute! Really, they are.

And remember - cute matters. The cuter the better!

If you have any questions today, as you're finishing up your entries, drop me an email. I'll be around all day long...miss.essie@yhaoo.com.

behave yourselves...

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