Wednesday, April 2, 2008

APRIL 2008...

now and forever, will be known as "An April to Die For".

And when I say DIE I don't mean death. No ma'am. I mean DIE as in die-cuts.

We've had such fun responses to Crafty Deb's QuicKutz innovation ideas, that we thought it would be fun to give you all a chance to show off your own talents...AND WIN PRIZES!

And when I say PRIZES I mean dies!

So here is how it's going to work (I think I've hit all of the major points, but if you have questions feel free to email me!).

"An April To Die For"...

• contest runs April 3-30, 2008
• anyone can enter, whether you've won a prize from us before or not
• Scrap-Mart employees and designers are not eligible (Sweet Justin...step away from the Revolution!)
• entries must be submitted in a .jpg format, and emailed to me (
• I will acknowledge receipt of your email as quickly as I can after receiving it
• your entry email must contain a list of supplies used (namely the dies)
• any dies can be used (but of course, we're partial to QK, Bosskut and Cuttlebug dies)
• by emailing me your entry, you are giving me permission to publish your work on the blog (consider it your own 15-minutes of fame!)
• only one entry per person please

We've managed to secure some awesome prizes, from our oh-so-generous vendors, Bosskut and QuicKutz. The prizes will work like this...

• if we have 10 or less entries, we will award only a GRAND PRIZE (retail value $150)
• 11-20 entries, and we'll add a RUNNER UP PRIZE (retail value $100)
• 21-30 entries, and we'll throw in a THIRD PRIZE (retail value $50)
• more than 30 entries and we'll add in a few HONORABLE MENTIONS (retail value $25)

Which means...SPREAD THE NEWS! Tell your friends. Announce it at your Friday night crop, forward an email. Because the more entries we have, the better chances you have of winning a great prize! And oh - the prizes! Prizes will all be dies, and they'll all be current. Some might be brand-spankin-2008-new...and some might just be my personal faves.  Pretty cool huh?

So you know the rule!
And you know the prizes!
Wanna know what you're doing?

Make any of the following:
• a scrapbook page (size of your choice)
• a set of 3 cards, or
• a home decor/altered item
using your dies-cuts in a new and unique way. Don't cut out the juice box, just to be a juice box...turn it into something else like Deb did. I want you to look at your shapes and get creative. Stretch your crafty-selves and see what you can come up with. I know you can do it!

I got emails last week showing me innovative ways to use the QK Dog House, the QK Flower and the Cauldron. So I know you all are up to it!

Now remember, a scrapbook page in my book has to have a title, a photograph and journaling. In my opinion, greeting cards must have a phrase or sentiment on at least the outside. And in my house, a home decor or altered item must be sturdy enough to survive kids, dogs, a cleaning lady and an occasional wayward babysitter or two.

But other than that - the sky is the limit.

I have other fun things planned this month.  You just never know when COMMENTING on the blog might win you a "random goodie".  And you might be "email surprised" if you're the FIRST or LAST entry.  Of course, if you could get a picture of your husband working on HIS ENTRY, that'd almost guarantee you some fun "blog worthy congrats".

I think that is it dear readers.  If you have any questions please drop me an email ( or call Sweet Justin at the store.  He's tending the phones and the goings-on while Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura are in St. Louis.  I'm sure he'd love to hear from you!

Pull out your dies. Ponder your shapes. Stretch your mind around seeing one thing...but using it as another. But most of all...have some fun. Because April 2008 is going to be "An April to Die For"!

behave yourselves...


Anonymous said...

Miss Essie,
I'm glad to see your computer is working again! This contest looks like a lot of fun, guess I better put my creative thinking cap on. Glad I have all month to do this!
I also wanted to give a big thank you for my March Madness prize. I received it today and all I can say is WOW! I love everything in it, and know I'll use it all. Thank you soooo much for your generosity. Scrap-mart is the best!

Thanks again,
Tammy (in NC)

Erica Hettwer said...

Sounds like fun! I just won a Revolution at my LSS last night and I can't wait to use some of my goodies in it!

Katie said...

Oh, now this sounds like fun. The clock is ticking so I'd better get moving! Katie

lori said...

just wanted to say that i was at ckc in st. louis this last weekend and laura was soooo helpful and friendly. i visited the booth twice and gathered up lots of the new daisy d's goodies!!

thanks to laura for being so friendly and so helpful.

Brenda Sears said...

I thought I'd let you know I met Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura at the convention in Collisville, Illinois!!!!

I had so much fun there and as soon as I told them my name they could tell me my last order and one of my request that I had put in.... can I just say wow on that memory bank those two have.

I enjoyed meeting them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My entry has been emailed to you..Thanks..
Deb Pielmeier
You can also find it here in the papercrafts gallery.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the fun contest! I'd love to see everyone's entries! I'm just starting my die collection and love to see what others are up to :)

I've bookmarked your blog and found it fun and entertaining - thank you!