Saturday, April 5, 2008

"Que Kay a New Way"...

and lookie's the weekend!

See, as soon as I take away the promised schedule - - - I'm pretty darn successful!

Today's featured design is so appropriate. Because if you're like me, you're suffering from a full-blown case of spring fever. I'm dreaming of all things bright, and airy, and colorful...and maybe just a little bit steamy.

(Just don't tell the Mister!)

So when we told Crafty Deb that we at Scrap-Mart needed a little boost to the springtime ambiance...she quickly obliged.

Take a look at these two dies...

QK SingleKutz Flower in Circle and,

QK DoubleKutz Pirate Hook

and just imagine what you can create with these two...and only these two dies.  YES, I tried to imagine the same exact thing and came up with nothing.

But put these same two dies in Crafty Deb's hands, and you'll get this breath-of-spring-time-goodness...

A cute pitcher of lemonade, with bright yellow lemon slices floating around inside...

and a fun bonus image inside the card, a cup with a wedge of lemon as a garnish.

Ahhhhh - it feels sunnier already!

Here is what she used:
QK Pirate Hook
QK Flower in a Circle

She die-cut the Flower in a Circle three times out of solid yellow cardstock, and three times out of yellow and white polka dot paper. She then flip-flopped the flower and the circles (put one solid flower inside one polka dot circle, and vice-a-versa). She mounted each flower-in-a-circle set onto a larger circle of darker yellow cardstock. She couldn't remember exactly which circle die she used, but you could use any die or punch that would give you a slightly larger mat. You could even cut it freehand.

She also die-cut a few flowers from dark pink cardstock, to embellish the pitcher. The pitcher happens to be some clip art that she printed off of her computer, but heck, you could easily sketch that out with a brush tipped marker. It's pretty basic.

By simply leaving some whole, and cutting some in half, she embellished the card accordingly. But she saved one quarter of a lemon slice for the inside. Where she placed it next to a cup, made from the non hook end of the Pirate's Hook. You could mount the little inside doo-dah on a cute Scalloped Circle as well!

Super easy! And think of the scraps of patterned paper you could use up! All you have to change is the colors of the flowers for the pitcher, and the cup to match. I LOVE IT!

But then, I'm easy! I love all of these QK innovation ideas!

I just spoke with Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura - they are on their way home from St. Louis. And mercy-me it sounds like all of you St. Louis gals kept them hopping all weekend. They heard lots of questions about the "An April to Die For" contest. Which means the entries I've already received will soon have some companions! I can't wait to see what other, fun innovations you all come up with!

I've got some serious scrap-catch-up to do today. We had a house FULL of guests last week, which means my "House Guest Album" is in need of some updating! And thankfully, the weather is beautiful today. Hmmmmm - just might have to make a pitcher of lemonade for myself and the Mister!

And don't forget to check out the final day of the REVOLUTION DIE SALE...great prices on bunches of great dies!

behave yourselves...

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