Monday, April 7, 2008


and I haven't even left the house yet!

You simply have to love days that start out so beautifully. Because with a good start...I believe the day can't go wrong!

Why is it so good? Well, I'll tell you!

• my tomato plants are looking hearty and vibrant
• I just uploaded over 100 pictures from my camera
• I have a big ol' stack of new scrapbook goodies to play with, and

I just love good mail. You know, the kind with a first class stamp, and a handwritten address. Mail that contains a greeting or a gratitude. Mail that makes you smile from ear-to-ear.

That kind of mail.

But pile on top of that, BEAUTIFUL mail...and it's enough to make a middle-aged lady simply giddy. See for yourself...

Isn't that a fun, bright and CHEERY way to start a Monday? I just knew you'd agree!

This is from a friend of mine out West. I've just recently gotten her hooked on Bosskut dies and she is going Bosskut-crazee right now!

She said...     "Essie, did you know the Bosskut dies come already foamed?" (yeah sweetie - I did!)

She said...     "Essie, did you know that Bosskut dies have a full color picture of the completed shape on the back of each die?" (um-humm, I did dear!)

She said...
     "Essie, you've been holding out on me!" (and perhaps I have been, but it wasn't intentional!)

She cut out two of the BK Double Ruffled Hearts and used up some scraps of Scenic Route patterned papers. She affixed everything to a tri-folded piece of scalloped 5" x 12" cardstock. The ruffled hearts hang over the top flap...easy-peasie!

You just have to love good mail! The men in my house talk about "man law" all of the time (something about cocktails made with fruit being a no-no!). Well I think good mail should be "lady law".

Lady Law #1 - girlfriends should treat each other to GOOD MAIL at least twice per year. Once on their birthday, and once at a totally random time. Preferably on a Monday!

Thanks darlin' for making my day. I owe you one!

behave yourselves...


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