Wednesday, July 29, 2009

*NEW* Slice Design Cards!!!

Please note that this is the second post for today! Scroll down to see our With us Wednesday post with projects!

Here they are...ALL 14 of the *NEW* Slice Design Cards! I've listed them below in order of release...

Shipping Early August:

Spook Alley

Mix and Mingle Fonts

Shipping Late August:

Words and Expressions Holidays


Vintage Findings

Think Pink

Shipping in September:

Dance and Music

Farm Life

Under the Sea

Handwritten Fonts

Shipping in October:


Playground Fonts


Home Sweet Home

Okay, now let me hear it! Which one is YOUR favorite? I cannot decide...yet...but I have to tell you that I'm lovin' them ALL!!! Be sure to check back often between now and Friday to catch glimpses of the rest of the releases!



poppyscraps said...

I'm loving them ALL!! Your Right, Katie, they're all so Very Nice, it's hard to decide on just one :)

~ Amanda

Anonymous said...

WOW . . . these cards are great! I am so excited. Let's see, my favorite would be Jungle, cool animals!

sharpwmu said...

I really love the handwritten fonts!!!

marla said...

vintage findings or the handwritten fonts.

gemscraps said...

These are great. Do you have any peaks of the QK Thanksgiving and Christmas releases?