Friday, February 22, 2008


oh my goodness!  Be still my racing heart.

I just got to play with a brand new scrap-tool.  And I must say, I'm not sure how I've lived without it all this time!

Mr. Doss and Susan spent all of last week at CHA and the Orange County Scrapbook Expo.  Well, Susan was oh-so-sweet and brought home a big box of new goodies for me.  And while a box of scrapbooky goodness usually would not have sat untouched for very long - this week it did.

However, tonight - I opened up the QuicKutz Magnetic Wand.

Trust me ladies, when I say, this is the best $8.99 you'll spend on scrapbook supplies THIS MONTH!

Possibly THIS YEAR!

Oh sure, it's great for picking up QK Cookie Cutter dies from either the magnetic binders...

or the Revolution magnetic platform.  Yes in deed, it does a superb job.

But what I discovered tonight is that it is also handy when it comes to flipping through my QK Magpie Tins...

it makes quick work of a full tin - and I when I reach the die I'm looking for I just lift up the wand and the die comes too!

Isn't that just divine! I'm so excited I'm tingly all over!

Now that I've got magnetic tool on the brain I've got to dive into the stack of 12" QK dies sitting in front of me. I was handed a stack and told to "go have fun". (Why no one ever tells Sweet Justin to do that is beyond me. Maybe because he already has so much fun?)

So the rest of the evening I'll be getting the hang of the 12" Revolution Platform. If you haven't seen must check it out here! Ms. Laura put it up for pre-order, which really is ideal. You can order it right now - and just kind of forget about it. Then when they arrive, and people are clamoring to get their scrappy paws on one - yours will simply show up in your mailbox! Scrapbook nirvana!

Now then, I've rambled on long enough. But I simply must pass along one more Friday night secret. You see, it's chilly tonight and I was looking for something to warm me up while I sit and play here in my scrap room. So I pulled out my tried-and-true heaven-on-earth treat.

I call it Chocolate Raspberry Heaven. You'll need a handful of dark chocolate Hershey Kisses, and a mug of freshly brewed Raspberry Zinger tea. Then it's simple. Unwrap one piece of chocolate and place it on your tongue, then take a big sip of your tea. It's a dark-raspberry-chocolate feeling that words can't describe. It's guaranteed to warm you up from the inside out!

Try it. You'll LOVE IT!

So go order yourself a Magnetic Wand. And by all means, get on the pre-order list for the 12" platform! You will NOT be sorry you did!

behave yourselves...

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