Monday, February 11, 2008


QuicKutz released a software update last week.  You may have received an email notifying you of this, or you may have heard about it from somewhere else.

However a few issues have come to everyone's attention over the weekend.  Issues with the new software.

QuicKutz is aware of the issues - but most of their office is attending CHA in California this week.

It is's recommendation to NOT install any of the upgrades at this point.   QuicKutz will get some fixes and/or explanations up on their web site soon - but for right now, our recommendation is to hold off!

We know you love your Silhouette.  We know QuicKutz is an awesome company.  We also know that glitches happen when you're dealing with writing software.  So let's just relax for a bit and wait for them to tell us what to do.

In the meantime - let's make cookies.

I'm off to make a big ol' yummy batch of "Essie's Everything" cookies.  YUMMMMMmm

I'll post the recipe tomorrow!

behave yourselves....

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Sara said...

Hi! I just found your blog today thru your store email & had to say Hi! Thanks for a good read & great info on products! I'll be back for more--& that recipe you promised!