Sunday, February 24, 2008


that has "guy" written all over it.

And I usually have a hard time making masculine cards. But this example shows that color is really all it takes.

(click on the image for a larger view)

If I had made the EXACT SAME card in yellows, greens, pinks or purples - the whole pattern would work well for a girlie card. I just used blues and browns - even added a blue flower AND blue bling - and VIOLA! Manly guy card - ready to send out tomorrow morning!

Which really just goes to show - that once you get a great pattern made up for a card you should make up a whole bunch of them. You'll have your dies, your cardstock, your adhesive and your embellishments out - so why not crank out a bunch?

And that's exactly what I'm getting ready to do!

This card uses a bunch of BRAND NEW QuicKutz products:

Nesting Ovals Cookie Cutters I used the three largest ovals, and cut them out as ovals...not as rings

Cookie Cutter Flower Shapes LOVE this set...I can see my REALLY getting my monies worth out of this versatile set!

Rockstar Cookie Cutter Alphabet I actually didn't think I'd like this font when I first saw it - but oh my stars I so love it now that I've cut it out! Looks kind of Partridge Familyesque - don't you think? A throw back to the 70's? Think it's going to become one of my all-time-faves!

I put all of the ovals together using the QuicKutz Cardstock QuickStripz. This adhesive backed, textured cardstock is my favorite for cutting out these kinds of quickie-cutie cards. All I had to use adhesive for was the patterned paper onto the white cardstock base. LOVE IT!

The whole card took about 2 minutes! CARD MAKING BLISS!

If you haven't looked at the new QuicKutz products - you're missing out! And remember - Mr. Doss will always send your QK products out with FREE SHIPPING!

I'm off to mass produce some "Hi" cards! If I get enough made - maybe our March contest winners will get a few tucked into their goodie bags!

behave yourselves...

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