Sunday, February 10, 2008


when you get a brand new shiny computer, and then discover that said computer has to be returned for an upgrade that was "overlooked" at time of purchase...RECORD YOUR PASSWORDS.

Because upgrades should take 48 hours.  But usually things go wrong when I'm counting on anything taking only 48 hours.

And when things go wrong - they tend to go really, REALLY wrong.  In this house we call it "Essie's Law" (mainly because we don't know Murphy personally, and feel it's bad manners to talk about the fellow behind his back).

Would you believe that for the past 3 weeks I have been unable to access this little bloggity-blog, or my email account?  All because I always hit that little button that says "remember my password"...and then I promptly forget my password.

So I was shut out.  Locked out.  Given the cold shoulder.  Given the ol' heave-ho.  It was ugly.  It was frustrating.  It was driving me plain batty.  But it's over. Because my shiny new computer is back - and better than before. (And, for the record, I have changed all of my passwords, I have written the new ones down, and I have filed them in my office under "important paperwork". If I ever ask you - will you remind me...please?)

So please forgive me for my absence. Of course, Sweet Justin could have jumped in and filled in the gaps with some witty banter about school, UPS tales or website updates. But he didn't. And I'll be speaking with him about THAT...later!

Okay - on to the issues at hand.  That issue being CHA.  If you don't already know - CHA is the "Craft and Hobby Association". The big four day show is going on in Anaheim, CA this week and it is gi-normous!  It's not just scrapbooking, it's woodworking, needle working, watch making, toll painting.  All crafts, all hobbies, all under one roof.

Mr. Doss and Susan are headed out to the show this week.  They will be working their magic to bring "all that is good" to you.  New things will be showing up at scrapbook conventions and at before you know it.

But I can't wait! Here are a couple of little sneakie-peeks this I just have to share with you:

These are the brand-new-not-to-be-shipping-for-still-a-little-while QuicKutz border dies. Aren't they just lovely? I think of how they will dress up plain cardstock...oh mercy me!

And here is a teeny sampling of what we'll soon have from Scenic Route:

two new paper lines, rub-ons galore, stamps, chipboard, albums, stickers and photo mats. Oh be still my fluttering heart!

Just wait until you see it all.

Mr. Doss and Susan have PROMISED to email me pictures from California. And when they do I will post them here. I promise.

Because I have my passwords committed to memory. Meaning, they're written down!

And right after CHA the crew is heading to the Orange County Expo. Three-days of crazy, scrapbooky fun, guaranteed!

behave yourselves...

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Scrap-Mart said...

All you had to do was call Scrapy-Baby-J and I would have helped you!!!! Gah Essie.....when will you learn!

P.S. Youth is not wasted on the young!