Wednesday, February 27, 2008


just got engaged.

And while the engagement part is okay - it's what I discovered today that may cause her a bit of stress!

I started to make a "Congratulations" card for the bride-to-be today. Easy enough.

Grabbed my favorite alphabet for formal occasions...Bosskut Monogram Alphabet, picked out the dies, loaded them into my Revolution and cut out my sister's new initials...

That's when I realized her new initials will spell A.R.M.

Oh...I couldn't help but giggle. And then write on the inside of the card a few ARM-Y jokes..."a fresh and funky bride - be all that you can be"! "We want YOU to come to our wedding!" It was funny - and she'll be a good sport about it I'm sure. I'm just glad MY initials don't spell out any 3-letter word!

Don't you just love that Monogram font though. I took a picture of the card, next to an adhesive dispenser so you can see the size of the letters. They are definitely super-sized! Love using them like just monograms. Also great to mount a letter individually on a circle, tag or square, as a page embellishment. Love that! So simple and classy! Modern, formal or heritage - just love the versatile things in my stash!

Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura are headed out tomorrow to the Portland CKC. That leaves Sweet Justin in charge. Sounds like a good weekend will be had by all!

And check out the map over in the right hand column. Hawaii, China and Europe...HELLO FRIENDS!! If you click on the map you can see where people have "hit us" from. Don't you just love technology?

I'm off to start working on wedding shower invitations. Wish me luck!

behave yourselves...

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Erica Hettwer said...

See you tomorrow, Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura!!! :D

Your booth is first on my list!