Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From this...

to this...

in a matter of hours!!! We left California this morning and arrived home to ice and snow covered everything! It took over a half our for my car to defrost enough that I could use an ice scraper to knock the quarter inch layer of ice off my car! I miss California already!

I want to apologize for not blogging more while we were gone. I mentioned in a previous post that we had some "technical issues." Well, our computer crashed! Yep, completely down. I have soooo many videos and pics to share and we'll get to them all over the next few weeks.

The first thing I want to address is the new Metric Scor-Pal release. That's right, our international friends will now be able to easily enjoy the Scor-Pal as much as we do. Diana Crick, inventor of the Scor-Pal, is trying to finalize the plans so it can be moved through production. They need to decide what color the Metric Scor-Pal will be and we want YOUR help! Here's a color chart:

Diana and the Scor-Pal team have narrowed down their color choices to #4 and #6. Now, we want you to vote. She did tell me that #4 is her favorite and a darker Navy Blue will be the coordinating accent color if that is the chosen one. Leave a comment on THIS post announcing YOUR color choice and I will randomly choose a winner from the comments to win this Scor-Pal CHA tote bag.

I know it doesn't leave much time but Diana has to have the decision made by Thursday morning. The winner of the tote will be announced on this Friday's post.

So, what was your favorite thing released at CHA? I am totally lovin' the new Bungle Jungle collection from Sassafrass Lass. I was fortuante enough to meet the Sassafrass team and hang out in the booth for a while. I snapped TONS of photos there. Their designers have done a wonderful job showcasing their product. Here are a few photos of some of the new Sassafrass collections.

Layout using Bungle Jungle collection:

New Bungle Jungle chipboard embellishments:

New Felties:

Isn't that stuff the cutest?! I can't wait to play with it!

While Ms. Laura and I were gone the Scrap-Mart design team kept on workin'. Jenn created this great layout to document her sons school field trip.

Jenn used the Quickutz Revolution Pennant for her journaling block. Very creative! She also added the Quickutz Squares Border which she used as the road for her Revolution School Bus.
Jenn cut her title using the Venus font. All this was pulled together with some Scenic Route paper. Those Pennants are so versatile and with the selection available you're bound to find the one to fit the job.

Thanks for stoppin' by today! I can't wait to show you more from CHA. I'm pleased to announce that our "With us Wednesday" posts will be a weekly event instead of just monthly so if you want to be featured here on the Scrap-Mart blog, send me pics of your projects to I know I didn't post it today but we will definately be back with one next Wednesday. We'd love to see your projects and we hope you'll play along. We'll see you back here Friday!



Jill said...

#4 for sure!!! #6 is b o r i n g

Stephanie said...

My choice is :)

I like #4 and too bad it was the color for the current Scor-Pal.

The Sayler Family said...

I liked #4 also. I think it's a great color.

Anonymous said...

I like #4 (blue) and a pink would be a popular color too. Just look at everyone looking for the bind it all in pink. I thought the current color is more like an aqua so it would be different than blue.

Anonymous said...

I really like the #4, and liked it before I had read the whole post, and had to choose between just two colors. I really liked the Scrap-Mart QK border that was released, and lots of the other QK new releases. Seems like CHA just kept releasing more and more!!
Denise from OHio

TristanzNina said...

I like #3, pink. I like the lighter colors, I noticed that when my lighting is not very good, it is easier to see the marks when I'm cutting on my fiskers and hope this helps the Scor it tool.

Cheryle, Vancouver WA

Yaritza said...

I like #3 pink. I like anything pink. You should see my craft room and kitchen.

Helen said...

I have to go with number 4 also.

Mary F said...

I go for #4 - there's enogh pink stuff out on the market-another shade of blue is perfect than then that way it all is in the same color zone at far as my favorite release...ALL of it!!! I'm trying to get a bank loan so I can buy it all!! ha ha my husband is having a heart attak everytime he see's me open another message....thanks for showing us some of the action!!

Red said...

I like #4 the best