Thursday, December 11, 2008

The best gifts...

are often handmade ones. You know, the ones made especially for you with love! Well, our DT has some great projects ready for you to create for your family and friends.

Brenda made this awesome Jr. Legal Pad holder. Look at this...

Now wouldn't this make a great gift? It would be awesome to keep for grocery lists, "Honey-do" lists, or I'm thinking I need one for my sketches and list of must have scrapbooking items!

Here are Brenda's instructions for creating your very own Jr. Legal Pad.

Here's what you'll need to start:
1 - Jr. Legal Pad
Adhesives Of choice (I used tombow glue runner, Zig 2-way glue, glue dots or strips)
2 - double-sided heavy cardstock - complimentary colors (or if you like you can use 1double-sided heavy cardstock and then use plain cardstock that compliments the first.)
Your choice of dies to decorate the cover.

Once you've gathered your materials you'll follow these easy steps:
Cuts and scores:

a) Main color for binder - Cut 8 1/8" x 10 9/16"
Score at 5 3/16", turn a 180 degree turn and score again at 5 3/16".
b) decorative binder for outside of cover (reverse side or second color)cut 2 1/4" x 8 1/8". Score at 1", turn 180 degrees and score at 1"
c) Inside Pocket (same color as Outside of binder)Cut 4 7/8" x 7 7/8", with good side facing up cut diagonally from upper left corner to lower right corner.

d) Cover for top of Tablet
Cut 15/16" x 5" (same color as outside of cover.
Cut a thin strip about 1/8" x 5" (opposite side of cover.)
e) Decorate Die Cuts for outside of the Cover

To Assemble:

a) Fold on score lines

b) Take the binder strip, apply adhesive, and place on the outside of the cover. Smooth down and allow to dry.

c)Put adhesive on the back of the Tablet strip and place it on top of the Jr. Legal Pad. Then the same with the thin strip center on top of the first.

d) Take the diagonal cut piece. Place adhesive on the 2 outer most edges so that a pocket is formed, and place on the inside front cover.

e) Place Glue dots or glue strips on the back of the Jr. Legal Pad and place on the right hand side inside the cover.

f) Add die cut decorations to the front cover and to the inside pocket.

And there you have it. The completed project:

Next, I'd like to show you another one of CraftyDeb's die innovations. You know, where she takes the shape and creates something else from it. First let me show you the intended use.

This is the Boss Kut Santa. He is cute just as he is but take a look at what else CraftyDeb created with the very same die:

Isn't that the cutest? Here, CraftyDeb used the same head and hat as she did on the Santa and she used the beard to create the collar. Now, she's got an adorable little snowperson too!

Now, I have one final project for today and you're gonna love it. Check this out:

Seriously, who wouldn't LOVE to find one of these waiting for them on their desk at work? A snack and a decoration all in one! Want to make one for yourself? Just follow Brenda's step-by-step instructions...


Card stock
QK Santa Boot #0881
BK Oven Mitt #0386
BK Santa Face #0873
BK Buckle #0383
SB 4 the Circle (Middle circle)

Cut Red Cardstock 3 1/4" ax 10 5/8", Score that strip at 1", 5 3/8", and 6 7/16") This forms a match book for the body.

For the legs cut Red 2 strips 1/2" ax 4 1/4"

For the arms cut 1 Red strip 1/2" ax 11"

For the belt cut 1 Black strip 1/2" ax 3 1/4"

Fold on the scored lines of the body. Using the Spell Binders Circle cut a hole in the center front of the match book. Attached the Strip for Santa's arms to the opposite side of the Match book that you but the hole in.

Place Christmas colored M&M in a medium craft baggie and staple the baggie inside the match book. Close the Match book using adhesive.

Place the Santa head on the front top, the leg strips to the bottom of the match book. Attach the boots to the end of the leg strips (fold the legs where you want them to hang over the shelf you sit him on.) Put the buckle on the black strip and attach across the front of the open hole. Attach the mittens to the end of the arms and then attach them to the front of the matchbook so it looks like Santa's hands are on his belly.

Imagine the variations you can do with this! This would work with any holiday! Thank you Brenda and Deb for sharing your wonderful creations and instructions with us! We'd love to see if you make any of these projects. Email photos of your variations to

Also, don't forget about our 12 Tags of Christmas Contest! You have until midnight Tuesday, December 16 to email me your submissions. You can read more about the details of this contest here.

We'll be back tomorrow with the second installment of 12 Tags of Christmas. See you then!



Brenda said...

Crafty Deb - that little Elf is just the cutest thing, I will have to make him to accompany Santa for a Lay-out that I am doing.

You have an eye for making innovations... something that I really am NOT good at.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Jenn in MO said...

Great job ladies!! I'm going to have to make a few of those note pad holders - cute, cute!!

And the snowperson could easily pass for a Mrs. Claus. You ladies are going to get me hooked on BK dies!!

Katie said...

I'm gonna make one of the notepads to send my Mom. She's always looking for something to write on! LOL!

Jenn, you're right...that would make a very cute Mrs. Claus!

My list of "to try" is getting too long...I'm off to create! Katie

Tammy said...

Great stuff, Deb I am always so impressed by the "out of the box" ideas you come up with, this one is absolutely adorable!