Saturday, June 28, 2008


in all kinds of situations.

Tall vs. Grande vs. Venti
Medium vs. Large vs. Sonic Size
Coach vs. Business vs. First

and of course, our Scrap-Mart favorite

Squeeze vs. Revolution vs. Cookie Cutter

And we were just talking about sizes the other day. Crafty Deb and I. Discussing how SIZE is a hard thing to show in pictures. When I say that such-and-such a die is a Revolution die, you know that it's bigger than a Squeeze die. But you may not realize exactly HOW BIG.

So we decided that a quarter is the key.

A quarter in the picture frame gives you a size reference. Let's you know just how big or just how small a particular die really is.

Because size does matter!

So here are a couple of the new dies - from the June release - assembled and made all cute.

And photographed with a reference quarter!

This is the Baby Bottle (which right now is out of stock - sorry!). Super cute! And HUGE - it would fill up a card front all by itself!

These are the trucks. I think it's called a front loader. Wouldn't this make a cute "keep on trucking" card, or a "feel free to dump on me anytime", or "just rollin' by to say HI!"...the ideas are endless! Tiny and cute - can't you see a whole line of them across a scrapbook page?

Not to be confused with THESE guys. The big tractor. The huge mixer. Crafty Deb actually cut her own "load" for the bucket - and it looks so cute filled that way. But wouldn't it also be cute filled with a load of flowers, or rhinestones, or smiley faces. You could have a LOT of fun with trucks of this size!

I hope that gives you some good size reference. Big or small. Which are your favorites? Personally, I like them ALL. Different sizes for different days. Or different projects. Or different ideas.

Just don't forget - here at Scrap-Mart SIZE does matter.

- - - Susan


Anonymous said...

Ok all of you bloggers and others that are just passing through, leave some us feedback so we get to know what you like. We all like a little pat on the head once in a while, some of us more than others. haha :)
Crafty Deb

Brenda said...

I keep talking myself out of the revolution tool - siting that I already have the Boss and the QK Squeeze...

I have to be honest, though, I reach for my Boss Kutter even if I am using my QK dies and I've even bought some of the cookie cutter dies and cut them in my BK! I really wish I could use my BK for those Revolution dies but they are just a bit to wide and I tried and the BK won't cut the QK boarder dies (Sad face and pouting.)

It all goes to show that like you said size does matter!