Wednesday, June 25, 2008


for your new-release dies to arrive...let's revisit some old favorites today!

You know - just to remind ourselves that what we have in our stash already still needs to be loved. And used. If you're looking for something to do today, I challenge you to dig into your die-stash and pull one out that you haven't used in a while. Cut it and use it. Come on - you know you want to. You can do it!

Crafty Deb sent me a couple of cards that use some dies she has in her stash. (And believe me when I say "she has herself a stash"!!) Some are QuicKutz, some are Bosskut. She loves mixing them together - and I admit, I often forget to do that. So for a creative jump start today - I offer you the following:

When Deb got herself the BK Daisy - she decided to think outside of the box and mix it up with some older QK dies -

she mixed the daisy/sunflower with the Rockstar font and the Birds dies (the only TRIPLEkutz in their line right now!) How easy! How cute!

Then - digging a little deeper into her stash -

she mixed the BK daisy with a QK Bumble Bee and a Ladybug. She used Lemonade and her Basic Phrases for the card greetings!

I just LOVE having stacks of cards like this around. Just basic greeting cards. And with those awesome Basic Phrase dies, you could leave the greeting off of cards like this, and cut them as needed right before mailing! LOVE IT!

So there are some oldies.

But I just can't resist teasing you all with a little bit of the newbies! Feast your die-lovin' eyes on this...

the brand-spankin' new QK Castle. Isn't it adorable?

What? Why is your brow furrowed? OH - the dragon. You're wondering about the dragon. Well, funny you should ask. That is again, one of Crafty Deb's creations! She told me as soon as she saw the new castle, that it just had to have a dragon next to it. So she went about creating one. Let me show you this...and it might give you an idea of where the pieces-parts came from...

and here is the list of "ingredients" for the dragon:

BK Bat (for wings and ears)
QK Campfire (for flames)
QK Tomato (for body)
QK Chili Pepper (for neck and tail)
QK Teddy Bear (for head and front legs)
QK Bear (for rear legs)
QK Goosebumps Circles (for body texture)

TA-DAAAAAA! Lots of pieces, I know, but totally worth the effort! And you may have other shapes in your stash that would work - so don't be afraid to look, and cut and play. And if you discover another shape-substitute, let me know. Otherwise, call the store and they can hook you up with what you're missing or needing!

Later this week, I think I'll pull a few of the entries from the April contest to post. I know that Essie had promised to share some of them. So I'll help make good on her promise!

The new dies are going fast - and the FREE CLUB DIES have been verrrry popular this week. So act fast. When the exclusives are gone - - - they're GONE!

to quote our friend - "behave yourselves"!

- - - Susan

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Brenda said...

How cut is that dragon?!!!!!

I wish I had Crafty Deb's imagination!!!!