Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Miss Essie.

And I'm personally going to hand it to her when she walks into the office.

I mean SHEESH! Sooooooo you have a new grand baby... you think you get out of all of your bloggin' duties just because of that?? Essie - we have needs! We want to hear about the new QK dies that got released yesterday, we want to hear a report from Buffalo and Arlington. We want contests. We want prizes. Come on woman - get on the ball!


Just kidding! CONGRATS on the Little Miss! Little Miss Eloise for those want-to-be-informed blog readers!

We are pretty sure that QK heard about Essie's big news - because have you SEEN their newest release??? The new line of baby things is just adorable! I love the Cookie Cutter shapes...I can feel some "Grandma Confetti" coming up. Let's say...covering a desk and filling up a certain ladies favorite coffee mug??? LOVE IT!

So for the meantime - I'll be covering the blog duties. So bear with me. Want to see something - leave a comment. Have an idea - leave a comment. Make something you're proud of - leave a comment. Wanna brag on your latest QK innovation - leave a comment. We can all pitch in and fill the Scrap-Mart blog with goodness while Essie is otherwise occupied!

Until then - I'm sitting at the Houston airport. I'm in the first hour of a FOUR HOUR LAYOVER here. But it's all good - because I"m on my way to Chantilly. And from what I've heard, Chantilly is ready and waiting for us to arrive. The Great American Scrapbook Convention starts on Friday and runs thru Saturday. Woo-hoo! From what I've heard, Justin is en route as well. However, he's not speaking to me right now. But that's okay, because I'm not speaking to him either. In fact, I hope he forgot his Crocs!

Shirley will be with us at the show too! So excited to hang with Shirley. We girls are going to have FUN...working and selling and schmoozing and babbling. So if you're in the area - even if you're not, but can get there - stop by and say HI. We've got the brand new Scenic Route "Appleton" line. It's stinkin' cute! We also just might have the new QK release. I'm crossing my fingers. The new Bosskut release will be lining our shelves as well...and they are some must-haves!

We're going to be busy - but that's good. Because busy is FUN.

I'm also teaching two QK classes this weekend. If you haven't registered yet YOU SHOULD. We are going to have a blast in class. Cute projects, awesome prizes, fun instructions...and ME! What more could you possibly ask for?

Okay - my potato skins just arrived. I promise I only eat this badly when I travel. Of course, I travel quite a bit. Hmmmm - you can draw your own conclusions from that!

As Essie would say - "behave yourselves"...


Hey - what does anyone think about a "baby idea" contest?? Being that we need some baby card ideas, or some home decor ideas, and some scrapbook page ideas. You know, new dies, new baby...NEW CONTEST! Check back later for more details - Lord knows I'll be here for another THREE HOURS and FORTY MINUTES!

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Sara said...

I've been wondering what happened over here! Congrats to Miss Essie on her little bundle of joy!