Saturday, November 17, 2007


with a big dose of BLOG thrown in for good measure!

Welcome to Scrap-Mart's new blog. Not that we had an old blog...but I think you know what I mean!

There are a few things we hope to accomplish with this blog:

- keep our awesome customers informed of sales, promotions, new products and cool ideas
- let everyone know what conventions we will be attending, because we love putting faces with names
- share tips, brainstorms, solutions and maybe a little bit of Scrap-Mart gossip
- and generally put out a wee bit of witty banter regarding scrapbooking, scrapbookers and other things scrap-related (and really, aren't all things scrap-related?)

For now - I'm off to throw in a load of laundry and come up with my Thanksgiving card idea. I'm running just a little bit behind on them. But there is still time - so no worries here. I'll share my ideas when I'm done...I promise!

Next week - as we prepare our turkey and all the trimmings - we'll introduce the people that make Scrap-Mart...well, Scrap-Mart. We'll share some fun ideas for your holiday and let you in on some fun, future plans!

behave yourselves...

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