Sunday, November 18, 2007


there were cards!

Thanksgiving cards - finished - enveloped - hand addressed and ready to deliver to my neighborhood darlings.

I did these quickly. Because, while I am most definitely a procrastinator, I am also quite speedy once I set my mind to something.

These were the tools I started with: (click on any of the pictures for a better look-see!)

- - QuicKutz Revolution
- - SingleKutz Smiley Face
- - Doublekutz Turkey (currently out of stock)
- - the background heart from the DoubleKutz Sugar Cookie (but any heart die would do)
- - and an "i" and a "t" from a retired font (Handprint I think - for the "+" and "=" signs)
- - my trusty QuickStick (can't scrap without it!)
- - and simply my most favorite glue for all things Quickie Glue

Here is the pile of paper and scraps that I pulled out:

- - Daisy D's Cherry Tomato Dot patterned paper
- - and scraps of Bazzill in yellow, red, brown, black and gray

I loaded up my Rev with four dies, placed an appropriate colored hunk of paper over each die and spun the handle - TEN handle spins for the detailed readers!

A little adhesive, some pokes with the "quicker-poker-picker-upper", a few words from my trusty printer and VIOLA...

Thanksgiving card #1.

Cards #2 - 10 followed shortly thereafter!

Now - wasn't that easy? 30 minutes of time, a handful of scraps (that I desperately need to use up) and one glass of wine with the Mister was all it took. Now, Wednesday evening I'll be able to visit the neighbors and deliver a little homebaked goodie with a little handmade love.

I hope that gives you some ideas for spreading the holiday goodness throughout your neighborhood.

I'm taking the children to the mountains this afternoon. A little hiking and some fresh air will do all of us wonders.

behave yourselves...

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