Sunday, November 18, 2007


scraps of paper sitting on my desk - I thought I'd make one more card before I call it an evening.

As I was tidying up my work space - putting things away from my Thanksgiving card-making - I just couldn't leave the Smiley Face alone. There were scraps in front of me - and a die smiling up at me. Quite literally!

I grabbed a hunk of card fodder (a sharable tip that I'll pass along in the next few days) and a few scraps of card my Rev ready to roll - and the rest, as they say, is history!

The results:

Using only some striped patterned paper, some orange cardstock, the SingleKutz Smiley Face die along with the QK font that was already sitting out (this one is retired - but any font will do nicely) I had the card created and done in a matter of SECONDS. I did add a touch of my most favorite Stickles - and that I will leave to dry overnight.

And that my dears - is why we do what we do. Because with very little effort at all we can put a "SMILE" on someones face.

And I did it all while sitting here in my pajamas!

Isn't it just lovely when things like this work out? Simply lovely!

And with THAT my dear readers - yours truly must turn in. Big day tomorrow. Thanksgiving week is upon us and I'm on dessert detail for the big day! Pies, strudels and bundts - oh my!

behave yourselves...

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