Monday, December 31, 2007

MY, MY, MY...

oh me-oh-my!

Just a second ago it was Thanksgiving and here it is New Year's Eve! What happened to the time?

Well, let's just file it under the category of "don't ask, don't tell"...or maybe "let's let sleeping dogs lie"...or possibly just "you really don't want to know".

Suffice it to say that Miss Essie is back - and currently dealing with all of her faculties intact! I'm sorry I left you all hanging here in suspended-scrappy-animation...but it appears as though all is relatively well!

I loved seeing the tutorial that Mr. Doss posted - thank you darlin'!
And sweet Justin dug around and found some wonderful holiday quotes - thanks sweetie!

But now - let's get going on something a bit more scrap-related, shall we?

Who is up for a Scrap-Mart challenge? Who is interested in winning a little prize or two? Are you all waving your hands yet? I sure hope so - because it's New Year's Eve and everyone always seems to have high expectations of their selves on New Year's eve, don't they?!

Well I'm up for it - and if this ol' girl is game - you should be too! So I hope you'll play along!

Tomorrow is January 1st, 2008 - and here is how we're going to play:

- I'm going to post a theme tomorrow morning, random, unique, goofy, serious, who really knows. But a theme, all the same.
- You make something having to do with this theme - preferably something small and quick (a tag, a card, a title block, etc.)
- Then post your picture somewhere on the internet (your blog, flickr, etc.)
- Then respond to my post with a link to your photo!

You can enter each day - only once per person please - and I'll pick a winner for each day.

Winning will be based on theme compliance, creativity, and how many of you use my favorite colors! Okay, that last one I'm only kidding on - but you get the idea!

The prizes will just be some random scrappy-snack-packs. Dies, ribbons, embellies,'s all possible. It'll all be fun and good and FREE!

So check back sometime tomorrow - and then chime in with your entries!

2008 is going to be a great year - but we still have today to finish up 2007.

Be safe, be smart and behave yourselves!

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